5 Ways Cryptocurrency is Changing the eCommerce Industry

Cryptocurrencies are nowadays everywhere. They have made an impact on a ton of different fields in our lives, and they will keep on expanding and developing in the future. They are also slowly yet surely being implemented in all aspects, such as health-care, shopping, and means of payment. Besides security and efficiency, cryptocurrencies offer other … Read more

Whales or Sales: What Really Influences Bitcoin’s Price?

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A Look at Bitcoin Mining in 2022

Bitcoin is rising fast, and no one can stop it in 2022. Bitcoin’s valuation of being a currency is invaluable, a very important attribute, especially in countries like Argentina and others where the adoption of cryptocurrency is currently growing. Tony Weiss, a former Wall Street trader, says he’s optimistic about the future of bitcoin and … Read more

What is a new blockchain cryptocurrency?

If you have been acquiring about cryptocurrency, then for sure you have stumbled across the term “Blockchain technology”. This type of technology was first introduced alongside digital currency, the Bitcoin. As you know, nowadays there are numerous different cryptocurrencies, and they were all created via Blockchain technology. You have probably encountered many confusing definitions and … Read more