How is Coronavirus Affecting Bitcoins, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in 2022?

The pandemic of coronavirus caused some huge problems to the global economy since most countries adopted the measures of lockdown, and we have restricted traveling, and there are many other challenges for all businesses worldwide. The primary problem is with manufacturers, flight agencies, travel agencies, and small businesses that depend on imported goods. Only those … Read more

How To Stay Safe with Steam Sanitization During Covid-19

Stay protected from SARS Cov-2 coronavirus as well as any other similar viruses and bacteria by sanitizing your environment with a disinfectant steam cleaner. They say that desperate times necessarily ask for desperate measures. We are unfortunately going through unprecedented times in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping through the world, putting … Read more

Mashrafe Mortaza the Bangladesh Skipper Tests Coronavirus Positive

This is really heartbreaking news. Every day thousands of people are getting affected by Coronavirus and we are getting one of the most disturbing news from the Bangladesh cricket industry. The Bangladesh cricket team’s Mashrafe Mortaza who is known as one of the most prominent cricket players and considered as one of the brilliant skippers … Read more