How to Make the Best of College During COVID-19

Birthday parties. Music festivals. Half-sheet cakes from Costco. Let’s face it – COVID-19 has ruined a lot of things that normally bring people joy in life. But for many college students, one of the biggest casualties of the pandemic has been the traditional college experience. As a student, you were probably looking forward to decorating … Read more

New Medical Malpractice Cases Arise due to Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented changes in the field of medicine. Many hospitals could face an influx of COVID-19 patients which may require intensive or immediate medical treatment. Additionally, many hospitals and doctors may need to implement new procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within their treatment centers. The response to these … Read more

How To Stay Safe with Steam Sanitization During Covid-19

Stay protected from SARS Cov-2 coronavirus as well as any other similar viruses and bacteria by sanitizing your environment with a disinfectant steam cleaner. They say that desperate times necessarily ask for desperate measures. We are unfortunately going through unprecedented times in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping through the world, putting … Read more