Do You Need A Crypto Wallet?

Have you ever wondered what the point of cryptocurrencies is? Why is their use being forced so much lately? And do you need a crypto wallet too? With the advent of cryptocurrencies some ten years ago and maybe more, their entry into the market has made people a little more interested in them. How can … Read more

What Gives Bitcoin Value?

Bitcoin is certainly the largest cryptocurrency that has ever appeared and so will most likely remain forever. Also, BTC is the first virtual coin to hit the market nearly 11 years ago, in early 2009. From that period to the present, Bitcoin has had many ups and downs. For example, Bitcoin had the lowest value … Read more

What do you think Akon will name its ‘coin’? Akon to launch his own cryptocurrency, guess its name!

akon coin

Akon, the Grammy Award winner, singer, and a songwriter is planning to launch his very own cryptocurrency very soon. What do you think will be its name? To all those who said ‘AKoin’, give yourself a coin, every pun intended! Not just a cryptocurrency, but also the Grammy award-winning celebrity of Senegalese descent, is also … Read more