Huawei Y6 Date, Price, Features and Specifications

Huawei is a Chinese Company with more than 10 years in the market of cellphones, experience that has positioned it among 1st tier smartphone companies. Huawei’s success is due to the fact that they have cracked the formula for making amazing cellphone without exceeding with the price, reaching the perfect balance between cost and performance … Read more

BLU R1 HD Camera, Battery and Gaming Review

Along the last years, the brand BLU has been working very hard in order to make tread its own path which has made it become one of the most acknowledged brands in the world. This amazing company, just like many others, very often releases a new smartphone with incredible upgrades and new astonishing designs that … Read more

Samsung Galaxy X Date and price Expectation

The Samsung Galaxy X is the next step for Samsung to introduce a new series of phones with great innovation, beyond what we can expect in the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy X: Release and Price Since early 2018 we have expected Samsung to introduce the Galaxy X, the company’s first flexible cell … Read more