Durga Ashtami – Eighth day of Navratri

Druga ashtami is the eight day of the ten days long festival of Dusherra, celebrated throughout India. Ashtami literally means eighth day. This falls in the Ashwin (September- October) month of Hindu calendar. Goddess Durga is considered as a consolidation of eight forms of Shaktis (or powers). Throughout India, Durga is interpreted and worshipped with … Read more

Navratri – Nine nights pledged to Goddess Durga

Hinduism has since ages considered the female aspect of God and worships it as dedicatedly as any male God.  Shakti, also known as Devi or Durga, is the personification of feminine power. Navratri (Nav- nine; ratri- nights), commences on the first day of the Ashwin month (September – October) of Hindu calendar and ends on … Read more

Why Celebration comes Easy to West Bengal, known as the Land of ’13 festivals in 12 months’

Bengal is not just famous for “RoshoGolla” and “Misti Doi”; it is also famous for its unique way of celebrating so many traditional festivals in a year. It’s true that Bengal celebrates 13 traditional festivals in 12 months or in a year. Each and every festival in Bengal bears their own charms which not just … Read more