Most Popular Cannabis Brands In The World in 2022

Using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes is not a taboo anymore. Thanks to deeper researches, and scientific proof, people finally know that when something is properly dosed, and used following the instructions, it may have a lot of benefits for their health. That means, even though cannabis is still considered a drug, many people … Read more

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Cannabis Oil Fresh – 2022 Guide

Today, the market is full of CBD products, oils, and edibles, because in the recent years, many studies are showing its benefits, and many people and companies are fighting against the traditional belief that it’s harmful, and everyone should avoid it because they can get addicted. The truth is that the drug we recognize, and … Read more

CBD and THC Edibles and Their Benefits

An increasing number of countries and states are legalizing marijuana and other cannabis products, providing consumers with an array of different options to choose from. Many who enjoy it are now becoming increasingly curious about the different ways it can be consumed. The natural compounds cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are extracted from the Cannabis plant and … Read more