How To Choose the Right Company Core Values

For an organization to accomplish its planned goals, it needs to have the right core values. Company core values also referred to as “corporate values,” are the principles and beliefs that guide the workforce as a team. These visions and mission statements direct the philosophy on how customers, the wider community, and the employees are … Read more

California Covid-19 Employee Rights

When the pandemic hit for the first time, back in March 2022, a lot of people didn’t know what to do and how to behave. It was all unclear, especially when it comes to employers and workers, but also for students, and young people who fight for their future. There were very difficult times, but … Read more

5 Reasons To Use a HR Software For Your Business in 2022

The skills required by modern businesses are in short supply today – and their uneven distribution around the world is forcing companies to create new ways to develop future skills and abilities. We were wondering if modern software solutions can truly help companies and the human resources sector along the way. Can they stay on … Read more

The Backpacker’s Essential Guide to Remote Working

In recent years, working remotely has immensely grown in popularity. Of course, it has its own set of benefits, drawbacks, and challenges, but it is still becoming the preferred type for a lot of people. Probably one of the greatest things about it is not being confined to one specific city, country, or even continent. … Read more