Is Chlamydia infection a Sexually transmitted disease (STD)? – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Is Chlamydia infection a Sexually transmitted disease

According to the recent reports, the cases of Chlamydia are reportedly increasing in diverse countries especially United States. It is a bacterial infection that is often considered as similar to that of Gonorrhea in terms of transmission, signs, and treatment. Although the disease has adverse effects on both men and women, it may completely harm …

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Management of Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3 Kidney Disease

stages of kidney diet

Traditionally, chronic kidney disease is divided into five stages depending upon its severity. This is as per the glomerular filtration rate. Stages 1-3 are considered early stage CKD (chronic kidney disease). The following table gives the definition of CKD based on glomerular filtration rate: CKD STAGE DEFINITION 1 Kidney damage with GFR >=90ml/min/1.73 sqm. 2 …

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