IPL 2019 Stats: A Tremendous Tournament of Unforgettable Gameplays

IPL 2019 has been a great tournament till date empowering the audience with miraculous entertainment. IPL 2019 Stats have been remarkable and there has been a tough battle in every department of IPL 2019. Let us look at the IPL 2019 Stats table. Surprising IPL 2019 Ranking Table IPL 2019 stats have been surprising and … Read more

IPL 2019: All Rounders Mumbai Indians Beat The Giants CSK

In the match 15 of Vivo IPL 2019 between MI and CSK, the leaders CSK lost their first match of the season by 37 runs in a one-sided match. Learning from the Mistakes Mumbai Indians in in fact inflicted its second win in their last four games at this season of IPL 2019 . Learning … Read more

IPL Auction 2019: New Names Bagged the Highest Bids

It is still winter season but it seems that summer just set in, because 2019 IPL auction was held today morning at Jaipur and streamed live on Star Sports. 351 cricket players from across the globe had competed for 70spots for the next IPL season. 8 franchises had competed one against each other to ensure that … Read more