Bangalore Fact Check: Was The IISC Scholar Really Assaulted For Speaking In Tamil?

Bengaluru: Recently, a 30-year-old Ph.D. research scholar from the famous Indian Institute of Science has been assaulted by the BMTC bus conductor for speaking in Tamil. As soon as the incident happened, the Ph.D. research scholar filed a legal complaint against the BMTC bus conductor. He recorded his statement that he was punched several times and then …

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Bangalore: The emotional value of Kannada in Bengaluru from the perspective of migrants, immigrants and the State itself

Bengaluru: Every state in India is distinct from each other, be it culture, religious practices, customs, local practices and even the language. The language is at the root of identity for any state and Kannadigas are proud of their mother tongue Kannada spoken in the State of Karnataka. Bengaluru during its evolution into a major …

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Proof On Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu Dating Back More Than 4500 years Found

Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu

The new and recent analysis of Dravidian language conducted by University of Bristol, it was found that some 4500 years ago this language used to be spoken by aprox. 220 million people around South Asia.  The article in the journal “Royal Society Open Science” came up with some facts on this language concluding that there …

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Kannada and Other Indian Slangs Added To The Oxford Dictionary

bengaluru kannada slangs

The Oxford English Dictionary recently added 70 Indian words to its list, here is a brief overview. All sorts of things have made it into the Oxford globally. We have everything from yummy Indian food and different forms of address. The Indian words include staples and even some interesting colloquial terms. In fact, Aadhar has …

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