Babbles about Shahid Kapoor exes

In today’s lifestyle, it is difficult to judge a person at one go. We get fascinated by someone and make quick decisions. Many such commitments we regret in our life. The same is the case with our Bollywood stars. They are no different. It is just B-Town stars are always in the news and their … Read more

Kareena and Alia – The show-offs in the showbiz industry

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Alia Bhat have sure come a long way in the Bollywood industry.  But have you ever noticed how similar and conflicting they are, both in real and reel life.  Both have got this perfect bubbly personality which is often reflected on screen as well. These two also have a huge filmy … Read more

9 Bollywood Celebrity Breakups That Broke Our Heart and Made Us Doubt True Love in our Life

shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Some strange things happened in Bollywood that we never expected them to happen. Here we are going to discuss about some celebrity breakups that happened in the Bollywood which broke our heart and trust on true love. Amir Khan and Reena Dutta Our Bollywood perfectionist- Mr. Amir Khan got separated with Reena Dutta, his first … Read more