Why Use CBD Cosmetics?

Lovers of CBD products attribute relaxing virtues to this substance. The cannabinoid is also arousing the interest of the big names in cosmetics. This natural molecule could well be the flagship ingredient of many treatments. Due to its attractive properties, cannabidiol is beneficial for the skin and hair. For those skeptical, here are some arguments … Read more

What Happens when you Eat Garlic Everyday

You’ve probably heard that famous sentence: you’re what you eat (and the sequel: I don’t remember eating a sexy beast this morning). All jokes aside, this sentence actually makes a lot of sense. Why? Because the food we eat can significantly affect our health, both positively and negatively. Garlic is one of the foods that … Read more

Are Electric Shavers Bad for your Skin?

The men who want to grow a beard, and trim it regularly, are always confused when they have to choose electric or traditional shaving. Even when you want a long beard, you have to trim it regularly. Some of them want to be completely shaved, and the struggle is even bigger when having to make … Read more

What is Manuka Honey and How to Use It – 2022 Guide

Honey is oftentimes described as a cure-all thanks to its health benefits and ingredients. But is every honey the same? Generally speaking, its medical and antibacterial activity has been documented in some of the world’s oldest medical literature and is well-known to possess wound healing power and other health effects that humans have been using … Read more