What is Manuka Honey and How to Use It – 2022 Guide

Honey is oftentimes described as a cure-all thanks to its health benefits and ingredients. But is every honey the same? Generally speaking, its medical and antibacterial activity has been documented in some of the world’s oldest medical literature and is well-known to possess wound healing power and other health effects that humans have been using … Read more

What Are the Side Effects of Vaping Nicotine?

Vaping is a very popular trend in recent years, especially among younger generations. The tobacco industry is switching to electronic cigarettes and we can see a lot of new products available on the market these days. Some of the main reasons why so many teenagers are attracted to vaping are the attractive appearance of vapor … Read more

Sore Throat – Causes, Home Remedies and Treatment

A sore throat is one of the most treated conditions by doctors today. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, in the United States, 40 million people go to the specialist for this annoyance. The pain in this area is caused by an inflammation of the tissues that form the throat, as they are frequently … Read more