The American Road Trip Heads North for the Summer

Automobiles are an essential part of American culture. From Jack Kerouac and the beatnik generation all the way to the Fast and the Furious franchise, Americans love cars and especially love stories about people driving them and going places. The quintessential subgenre of auto-related tales is the classic road trip. Films like Dumb & Dumber, …

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How to look fabulous during summer – Fashion Tips 

We try to make every year our most stylish year yet. Following the trends is exciting and we’re always trying to combine them with what we like in order to create our own, unique style. Everyone is different, not all of us are into the same stuff and not all of us are loving the …

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How To Cool Your Drinks?

How To Cool Your Drinks

Summer is slowly approaching and we all know what that means. Yes, it means that we don’t get to go on a holiday to sunny Florida, well we will, but more importantly, we get to sit home and live through the heat. The summer is amazing, but it can sometimes be very hard due to …

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