Management, Life Expectancy Of Stage 4 and Stage 5 Kidney Disease

diet Stage 4 and Stage 5 Kidney Disease

What is stage 4 and Stage 5 kidney disease Stage 4 kidney disease is characterized by a severe decrease in the GFR, which is approximately at 15-29 % and kidney function deterioration of up to 85%. Stage 5 kidney disease is characterized by kidney failure. This is end stage renal disease when the GFR is …

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Probiotic Supplements To Boost Kidney Functions

PROBIOTICS supliments

What are probiotics Probiotic food is a concept. This was introduced to the world when Nobel laureate Elie Metchnikoff postulated that consuming yoghurt improved longevity in humans. He cited the example of yoghurt consuming Bulgarian peasants to justify his statement. The WHO defines probiotics as those live microorganisms, which if consumed in adequate proportions, confer …

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Best Probiotics for Kids

how to take Probiotics

Commonly, probiotics are the good bacteria that one intake so that their body is able to fight against the bad bacteria. It is their nature that has made them safe for human body including that of the kids. This article explores into different ideas about probiotic as well as the best ones that is good …

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