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Nipah Virus – All Travelers To Be Isolated For 18 days

Nipah virus that was first observed in the person residing in Malaysia is now spreading in diverse corners of the world. In India, Kerala was the first state in which the people experienced this infection. However, the infection is extended to several other section of the country especially Karnataka. On […]

by May 23, 2018 0 comments EcoWatch, Health, World

Early Signs and Symptoms Of AIDS

HIV is a type of virus that can be communicated by blood, sexual fluid, and breast milk. This virus feeds off the immune system and weakens it. Thus, the body loses its ability to fight against fungus, virus, germs and other such infections. Your immune system tries to fight this […]

by May 20, 2018 0 comments Fitness, Health

Research Finds Music Can Help Reverse Alzheimer disease

Are you suffering from Alzheimer disease? If yes, you may be interested to know that music could connect you in a way that words cannot. Many researchers proved that the music can evoke a memory or a response in people who are suffering from Alzheimer disease. Researchers have found that […]

by May 18, 2018 0 comments Fitness, Health, Lifestyle

Argyria Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Argyria syndrome is a disease caused by the prolonged intake of silver in the form of salts or metal and it is characterized by the skin and some organs of the patient becoming gray, blue, or bluish gray, especially in areas exposed to the sun. The Argyria can be acquired […]

by May 18, 2018 0 comments Fitness, Health

Burning Sensation In Mouth – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The sensation of itching, burning, tingling or stinging that manifests the so-called burning mouth syndrome can be due to multiple causes and sometimes even fails to identify its origin, so it is considered pathology in itself to which is also called stamotodynia. It is common that in an initial phase […]

by May 16, 2018 0 comments Fitness, Health
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