What is the Fastest Way to Learn Trading as a Beginner

Earning money online, as well as trading on the foreign currency market is something that is becoming more and more popular. So many people choose to invest because it has proven to be a safe way to assure some side profit. Most decide to invest either in the financial, stock, or cryptocurrency market. This article … Read more

What Is Bitcoin Trader And How Does It Work?

In simple terms, Bitcoin Trader is a software application that allows anyone to trade with Bitcoin. You would not require any previous Bitcoin trading experience to use this platform. It is primarily automated and focuses on helping people generate a passive income. Trading robots are used on this platform which is pre-programmed. Once you set … Read more

Latest Economic News Roundup: Shrinking Economy, Brexit-optimism, Fintech and Trading

The Coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the last fiscal year. Last year’s fiscal budget mostly came out during the pandemic. All around the world, economists and finance professionals focused on supporting the struggling masses in any way possible. Finance ministers from both the developed nations and the underdeveloped ones didn’t care much about budget deficits and … Read more

How to manage Risk when Trading Cryptos

Risk management is a crucial – yet all too often ignored – aspect of trading. It becomes even more important when volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies, as prices can often spike or tumble within minutes. If you can properly manage risk when trading cryptos (or any other market for that matter), you will be able … Read more