Why every woman should possess a necklace?

We are very familiar with the word “necklace” for a long term back. The necklace has its existence from ancient times. Actually, the necklace is an artifact of jewelry. Back in the days, we were much more aware of this form of ornament, which was used both by men and women. It is available in … Read more

Bangalore Rated Among The Most Unsafe Cities in India

Bangalore Rated Among The Most Unsafe Cities in India

Bangalore has been listed as one of the most insecure cities in our country according to the latest crime statistics being just behind New Delhi and Mumbai. The statistics show an increased number of crimes reported in the areas of crimes against women, cyber-crimes, dowry related crimes and offences which are not person specific like … Read more

Easy Home Remedy For Painful Urination ( Dysuria ), Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Painful Urination

The pain binomial and itching when urinating is called dysuria. Dysuria is caused by diseases of the urinary tract, that is, the ureter, urethra, and bladder. Pain, depending on its causes, can appear at the beginning of urination or at the end of it (terminal dysuria). The people most prone to suffer a urinary tract … Read more