Guide to Taking Care of Your Hat

Caps are considered one of the most iconic accessories for men. Whether it is a fedora, trilby, or a baseball cap, hats add versatility, style, and class to any outfit. Like other fashion accessories, they can be quite expensive. If you do not want to spend more on repairing or buying newer hats, learn how to take good care of them. Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can actually do to protect them from various influences. For example, we can name weather conditions as one of the commonest problems. Furthermore, there are a lot of different things that can have a negative effect on the materials used for production.

It is time for you to learn how to become a responsible owner. Now, we are going to present you with some ways you can take care of your it and make it last much longer.

Clean Your Hats Wisely


Always follow the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer of the hat. This can be found in a sticker or tag, and can even be printed directly on it. Thankfully, you will be able to find these instructions on a majority of these you can find a wide array of different shops you can shop. However, it should be said that these are common on the more expensive products, while they are not so common at lower price products.

According to, if you can’t afford to buy the materials indicated in the cleaning instructions, you can use brushes with bristles that are gentle on your hats instead of polyester and nylon bristles, damaging them. Therefore, you will be able to clean off all these particles that can have some serious negative effects. Use horsehair brushes or some specific brushes instead when cleaning off small debris or dirt from it. 

Note: Make sure to use brushes with bristles with the same color as your hat because these can sometimes color it. For instance, if you will be cleaning a brown one, use a brush with brown bristles. 

To clean human and pet hair, you can use the strong adhesive tape and wrap it to your fingers with the sticky side out. You can comb the hat gently and then pick up the hair strands easily with tape on your fingers. Lint rollers also help remove hair easily off your hats, although it may be more expensive than using tapes. 

Damp cloths and sponges can help clean sweat stains, smudges, and other colored marks. Just make sure to use neutral liquids to avoid discoloration and damage to your hat’s fabric or material. Not using neutral liquids can inflict some pretty severe consequences on the thing you are wearing on your head.

Store Your Hats Properly


Never ever leave your hat sitting on its brim when you are not using it. This will change the shape over time. It should always be left on a flat surface lying upside down. This is probably the commonest mistake made by people who like to own these. Not being careful while using them can provide you with a really negative effect, that can damage the initial look of your hat.

Aside from leaving it on a flat surface, you can also put your hats on a rack or its own box. As long it’s facing upside down, you can store it at any cool and dry place as heat and moisture can damage your hat’s shape and color. The position you are keeping it is probably the most important thing that you can do, you can be sure of that. Therefore, keep that in mind whenever you are thinking about keeping it.

Dry it Naturally


We’ve mentioned that weather conditions can have a really damaging effect on hats. However, when you get caught in some kind of rainstorm, you need to make sure that you should let them dry naturally. When you decided to use some kind of artificial heat, you risk that they can shrink and change their initial looks. The reason is that they are made of materials that don’t react too well to heat.

By allowing it to dry naturally, you will ensure that it will stay in the original form and you will not have to worry about damaging the material it’s made of. Therefore, you should make sure that you dry them in the proper way, always. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will damage your hat.

Do Not Lose Your Hat


Lastly, make sure not to lose your hat. This is obviously one of the most basic ways to ensure your hat lasts longer since most people forget where they placed their hats most of the time. Anyone who likes to wear these is perfectly aware of how easy it is to forget them while you are in a cafe or at your friend’s house. So, you need to have in mind not to forget them whenever you are sitting. Chances are that you will not find it always.

Treat your hat as a part of your body or an extension of yourself. If you are going out with your hat on, make sure to remember where you placed it afterward. You might accidentally leave it at the bar’s countertop, in the bathroom, or at a restaurant table. Be mindful enough so that you and your hat can go home safely. When you get that feeling that you forgot something, pat yourself on your head and see if your hat is there.

The Bottom Line


Taking care of your clothes is an absolute must, especially if we are talking about pieces that you paid a lot for. Therefore, you should learn a couple of tips you can use to protect them. At the same time, we can see that there are some ways you can take care of hats. Thankfully, there are some things you can actually do about it. Here, we’ve presented you with some of the best things you can do. We hope you’ll find our guide helpful and that you will find practice use of it when needed.