Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn to Exchange Rings Soon!!

The blissful two years of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn relationship is hitting the media charts to the core. They have left the fans with a tremendous wait for the big day of proposal and gratitude.

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Engagement Rumors

According to the latest sources, Alwyn wants to make their relationship special and unforgettable and is waiting for the perfect timing. Taylor Swift has been reported to be cautious and creative about their engagement ring by speaking in a recent interview. She just wants a simple and elegant design. On the other hand, both Swift’s and Joe’s friends have been so confident and convinced about the proposal going down. They have started making bets on the timing of Taylor Swift engagement.

The Love Affair

Taylor Swift boyfriend Joe Alwyn has been always an integral part of her life. Both started dating two years backing setting an example to the world of a perfect couple.  Taylor Swift rumors also signify that they both have been more public with their relationship during the awards seasons.  Swift has been seen supporting Joe Alwyn in various parties whose film “The Favorite” was nominated in almost all major award shows.

The Final Call

 Well!! There have been a lot of rumors to state the concept of an ideal life partner which according to Taylor Swift is one and only Joe Alwyn. The wait has been enough and both want to marry and get settled with a filmy story of an Artistic love. Both Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift do not want to impress anyone with their relationship and both are waiting for the right place, right time, right moment for things to happen.

Till then the fans have to be in suspense of this eternal bond and pragmatic relationship.