How Tech Has Improved the iGaming Market

The iGaming market has been making huge strides over the last few decades. It is one of the sectors that was previously left to the tech-savvy individuals but is now open for almost everyone with an internet connection. What have the different players in this industry done to keep it afloat while other industries are falling apart? Read as we tackle everything you need to know.

What is iGaming?


It is a short form of online gaming. It refers to the process of betting on the outcome of a game via the internet. iGaming is a broad term that comprises sports wagering, poker betting, online video gaming, and poker gaming, to mention a few. Technology is the biggest contributor to the growth of the iGaming industry. However, technology is very broad and influencing almost every sector in this world.

We were lucky to have a session with a seasoned game and tech enthusiast, Martim Nabeiro. He noted the following points in regards to how technology is changing the iGaming sector:

Mobile gaming


Mobile phones were previously used for sending messages and making calls. However, this has changed, and it was one of the technologies that have completely changed how people stake online. The beauty of mobile gaming is that it has opened up thousands of new opportunities for both players and game developers.

In the past, only people who owned game consoles or powerful computers had access to games. This has now changed as games that are optimized for mobile devices have been developed. Thus, iGamers do not have to reside close to casinos or drive for hours to access these games as long they own a smartphone.

Casino owners are banking on the penetration of smartphones to reach new markets. Most of the casinos that you will find on CasinoPortugal have been optimized for mobile usage. A good number of these platforms also have mobile apps that are downloadable from different points, making it easy for access.

Artificial Intelligence


AI was viewed as science fiction less than a decade ago. However, you cannot talk about technological revolutions in the current world and fail to mention AI. iGaming is utilizing AI technology in various areas, and the results are amazing.

AI is proving to be essential when it comes to promoting responsible gambling. Various players and government agencies are working hard to promote responsible gambling. AI identifies problem gamblers early enough and connects them with relevant resources so that they do not end in a bottomless pit. Machine learning can track individual steps, even when there are thousands of players.

Artificial intelligence is also coming in handy during KYC & AML for online gaming platforms. Gambling houses are under pressure to ensure that their platforms do not promote illegal activities. Some of the areas where AI is proving helpful include player onboarding, risk profile assessment, suspicious activity reporting, source of funds detection, and identification of suspicious activities.

Virtual reality


VR has been a hot trend for the last few years. The concept has been around for some time, but the first mainstream application was Oculus Rift in 2015. The iGaming industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this revolutionary technology, described as future gaming tech.

Virtual reality is a technology that creates the illusion of being in a fictional world. The user gets into a 3-D environment where he or she can interact with various objects. The experience is thus immersive, and the players feel as if they are in a real situation.

VR handsets allow players to visit a casino, select slot machines virtually, and communicate with other players. The setting requires a high-speed connection for both the game provider and the player to avoid buffering. The gaming experience is accompanied by detailed visuals, tactical sensations, and realistic sounds that appear in a typical gaming environment.

Integration of payment options


What do you think happened in the past when one wanted to place a bet in a casino? Most people had to carry cash to these joints. The approach was somehow risky, and some ended up being mugged on their way to the casinos.

iGaming has now made it possible to deposit and withdraw money at the click of a button. Debit cards are proving handy for those who have bank accounts. There are also hundreds of international payment platforms, making it easy for gamers to transact on these platforms. Crypto payments are also taking over and allowing people to make transactions across borders.

Such platforms ensure that the private details of the transacting parties are safe. Some of these payment options have instant deposit and withdrawal options. The iGaming platforms are always on the lookout for new payment options that are easily accessible to users.

Facial and voice recognition


Tired of using the remote control to turn your game console on and off? Voice and face recognition has got you covered. Facial recognition helps identify people based on special facial features that vary from one person to the other.

iGaming platforms are combining facial recognition with VR and making it easy to create avatars. Such avatars will then visit gaming platforms virtually and have the same experience one can get in a real casino.

Gamers can now enjoy controlling their games through voice control. It even gets better because some TVs and computers also have voice recognition programs. The gaming machine allows users to set voice commands. You can simply spin or pass through a voice command.

HD graphics


Various players in the gaming sector have made major strides in this space. Gone are the days when people had to struggle with awful graphics. Game developers are now producing games in HD, which uplifts the experience.

Hardware developers have also made major strides, and HD and 4K displays have become the order of the day. Those who cannot afford such gaming machines are banking on cloud gaming. Such people can rent space on the cloud, according to their needs. On-demand gaming is also another trend that is worth mentioning.

Major gambling news will always highlight the above technologies as they are revolutionizing the entire market. The fact that internet penetration is on an upward trend is enough proof that these technologies are here to stay.