Solar Capacity in India Grows 3-Fold to 10K MW in 3 Years

The solar power generation capacity in India has surpassed 10K MW, which is a 3-fold jump in a matter of just 3 years as the government is pushing for the renewable energy sources to meet the increasing demand. This milestone was achieved as NTPC Limited, the nation’s biggest power producer went on to commission the … Read more

Solar and Wind Energy Make Up for Shortfall

Electricity demands always soar high during the summer season. This year again, to meet the ever raising demands for electricity, we have only 2 units, each with a capacity of 210 Megawatts at the TTPS (Tuticorin Thermal Power Station). In the Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, we have around five units for generating power. However, as … Read more

Greenko Group Interested in Acquiring Bangalore-Based Bhoruka Power

Greenko Group is most likely to acquire wind and hydro power generator Bhoruka Power Corp. Limited’s 310 Megawatts clean energy portfolio. L&T Infrastructure Finance Co. Limited owns an equity stake of Rs 350 crore invested in Bhoruka Power Ltd., which presently operates 170 Megawatts of wind capacity, 30 Megawatts of solar capacity and 110 Megawatts … Read more

Residential Wind Turbine from India Costs as Much as an iPhone

Rooftop solar panels have been gaining a lot of popularity as a technology to enlighten homes with renewable energy. Solar panels have been in the market for few years now, addressing the power issues at homes and companies. However, two renowned brothers from our country, India are working to popularize and make wind energy easily … Read more