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The 10 Year Challenge that needs World Wide Attention

The 10 year challenge is trending these days on social media. People posts pictures of the change they underwent in the last 10 years. But has anyone paid attention to the drastic changes our nature and environment have undergone in the past years due to our lifestyle?

Environment- A Blessing or A Grant?

Everyone in the world is busy in their own lives and take the environment for granted. It is high time now that we realize how much harm our actions and present-day lifestyle is doing to nature. Many Environmentalists have shared the pictures of melting glaciers. This clearly shows how our deeds have caused global warming and the result is in front of us in the form of melting glaciers.

Effects of Melting Glaciers

We do not realize this today but we will have to pay for this later. We think we are advancing by implementing industrialization but this causes global warming and hence, melting glaciers which further result into a rise in the sea level. This rise can become a major reason for floods. The disappearance of glaciers is the end of mankind and this truth has to be accepted by us today and measures should be taken by one and all to save ourselves and mother Earth.

Take the 10 year challenge

If we really want our race to exist over the planet, we will have to save the melting glaciers. For this, we need to stop global warming and save energy. Guys let’s take a 10 year challenge today that we will convert the planet into a better living place in the next decade. We can start this at our home by following simple steps such as saving electricity, saving fuel, saving water and using renewable sources of energy.

Let’s pledge to make Earth a better place!

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