The Art Of Apologizing With Flowers

It is very important to master this skill as it will be necessary for you in life if you want to keep the people you care about.

Each true apology has three parts: First part: “I’m sorry.” Then: “My mistake.” And “What can I do to make it up to you”? Why is it important at all for someone to apologize to you for insulting, hurting, and causing you any pain or harm?

The bottom line is that you want the “guilty party” to know that you are hurt by his actions, to understand how you feel and to be honest about it. Everyone needs to make sure that the whole unpleasant situation will not happen again, and an apology is just a kind of promise.

Apologizing Starts With Words

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Apologies are not just simple words. They only start with words. The real apology is in the deeds. When you apologize to someone honestly, it doesn’t only mean ” I’m sorry, my mistake” – but also a different behavior from the one that hurt the other person

If you truly care about someone, you want to keep them in your environment, and you want to confirm, above all, that you are someone worthy of attention and effort, you need to learn the “art of apology.” It’s not complicated. It is just hard for many to apply.

Accept That You Made A Mistake

If you have hurt someone, you need to understand as much as you can how that person feels. Only in this way, you will show that what that person is going through is important to you. Accept that you made a mistake and take responsibility. Explain to yourself what exactly happened and why the other person was upset.

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Commit that something similar will not happen again. For the apology to be complete, the other person must make sure that you have learned from the mistake and that you will change your behavior.

Forgiveness And Gratitude

No matter how hurt you are, express gratitude for having that person in your life. Ask to be forgiven. By doing this, you will show that you care about your relationship, that you care about that person.

Likewise, if she forgives you, you will receive proof that she cares. This is only up to you. Good intentions were never enough, just like the words ” I’m so sorry”. Well, flowers here can sometimes help in these situations.

How Can Flowers Tell You’re Sorry?

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Honest apologies often come with flowers. Why? Because flowers can subconsciously convey many deep messages. By giving flowers, you can say “I’m sorry” in the right way. It is because, unlike words, flowers are always honest, and never say anything wrong. Thousands of years of history have convinced people to accept flowers as a universal offering of peace and apology.

Which Flowers Are The Best For Saying “Sorry”?


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For most people, the rose is the strongest and most beautiful symbol of love and romance. Depending on the color and the scent, we give this flower when we want to make the best impression possible because the rose is a kind of status symbol.

According to FloraQueen, it is equally worshipped on all sides of the world, by royalty and by the common people. Therefore, it is not surprising that after all these years, the rose still retained its status as the “flower queen”.

If you apologize to your partner, nothing can beat the red roses. Red roses symbolize love and attraction and are a way to show the depth and strength of your connection and commitment. We choose the yellow rose when we want to bring friendly love to the fore, or simply want to let someone know that it can always count on us.

White roses are a symbol of spiritual love, purity, and sinlessness, while the opposite is the meaning of the orange, with which we express our longing and fascination.


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Although almost every flower can be said to represent the best in us, the Orchid, with its beautiful and lavish appearance, certainly justifies the title of the flower of love.

However, if you plan on gifting an orchid to a dear person, think carefully about choosing colors! When gifting a blue orchid, you are sending the message that such a person is a rare and unique creature for you. It is a symbol of love, but in combination with the blue color – it pervades spirituality. So this is an unusual connection – something that is not found quite as often.

Opt for a white orchid if you want to send a clear message to the person that says “you are dear to me” because it symbolizes beauty and elegance and has a dose of innocence that does not oblige.

On the contrary, red will emphasize your passion, determination, perseverance and undivided love. Pink will emphasize the happiness and joy that your time spent with the person in question fills you with. If you want to give someone the title of best, special friend, give a yellow orchid, because it is a symbol of friendship but also a symbol reconciliation and new beginnings.


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Because of its size and unusual beauty, lily has long been a highly prized flower. Its symbolism is mostly related to the white lily because the white color refers to purity and beauty. It is known as a symbol of mercy and unconditional love, but also happiness, immortality and salvation.

This flower was also considered a sacred plant belonging to the rulers of heaven and the gods. We give the white lilies as a gift when we want to emphasize one’s kindness. This way we make clear that we believe that the person is sincere and that our intentions are honorable and without hidden motives.

That’s why they are often given as flowers of apology. Red lilies are a sign of love, delight and attention, while orange is a sign of happiness and joy.

Pinks are associated with wealth, prosperity, youth and vibrancy, while the so-called brindle lily is taken as a sign of pride. The least popular color is yellow, which is believed to symbolize not only joy but also running away from obligations and even jealousy.

In the end, It doesn’t take a special occasion to give someone a bouquet, but to show a dear person how much you care about them. Then a floral gift is indispensable. And don’t forget to say that you’re sorry, but be honest.