The Backpacker’s Essential Guide to Remote Working

In recent years, working remotely has immensely grown in popularity. Of course, it has its own set of benefits, drawbacks, and challenges, but it is still becoming the preferred type for a lot of people. Probably one of the greatest things about it is not being confined to one specific city, country, or even continent. You can do your job from any location, as long as it offers you an optimal internet connection and it gives you an amazing opportunity to travel from one place to another whenever you feel like it.

However, combining business and travel can often be tough, unpredictable, and challenging, but there are certain things one can prepare for and do to easier overcome any problems. Here are some of the most common issues travelers face and some useful tips on how to deal with them.

1. Finding an Optimal Space


Finding a great space to conduct your job might be difficult in many locales. Certain people can adjust well to noisy environments without getting distracted, but others might need quiet to be able to perform well. This might be especially important for certain professions, such as Software Engineers, where one cannot afford making any mistakes. Luckily, there are certain apps one can use that provide a list of work-friendly sites near their location. They also show a rating of the place which is based on several factors such as wi-fi quality, outlet availability, noise levels, and others.

2. Having Limited Internet Access or a Bad Connection

This is probably the worst that can happen since most people rely on the internet to get the job done. This especially applies to people who are, for example, Web Developers or Web Designers because they constantly need it to be able to create and maintain or design websites.

Unfortunately, even when a place you are visiting states they offer wi-fi, there is no way of knowing its quality and speed. However, smartphone apps are available and they will map out free wi-fi locations in your area, so it might be an essential tool you should install on your device.

 3. Difficulties with Adjusting to Time Zones 


Every employee has customers and clients, and they still have to answer to an employer, even if they are not in the usual business environment such as an office. It also doesn’t mean that people don’t have coworkers. Constantly changing time zones greatly affects communication and deadlines.

Regardless, experts from Stack Chasers advise using certain methods to minimize problems. These include limiting communication in real-time and using email or apps that provide an online workspace for remote teams instead, using useful tools that can help you better manage your time and schedule, and setting deadlines of your own that are manageable and somewhat flexible.

 4. Keeping a Work-Travel Balance

Having a career that is location independent can be quite a distraction since it is much easier to get engrossed by the new, beautiful, and amazing things around you. On the other hand, you might get too caught up in your labor that you do not take the chance to explore the new place you are visiting. Of course, completing your tasks is important, but having fun and relaxing is too. Creating a schedule that includes time for both working and exploring will not only help you create a good balance but might also boost your energy, concentration, and motivation.


It is wonderful to have a chance to visit many different places while earning money at the same time, so follow these tips, try your best to be prepared to face challenges, and learn how to overcome them easily to ensure you have an enjoyable and fun experience with minimum stress.