The Difference Between CBD and THC

It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of marijuana products or not. You have probably heard that these products are becoming more and more popular in different states. Two different compounds are most attractive to people – CBD and THC.

Still, we have noticed that many people think these two compounds are the same things. It is true that there two compounds are the most common ones that you can find in cannabis products. For example, marijuana and hemp contain both of these things. However, marijuana contains much more THC while hemp contains a lot more CBD.

More precisely, hemp contains only 0.3 percentages of THC. You can find CBD in different shapes. For instance, you can find it in the form of gummies, oils, extracts, gels, etc. On the other hand, THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana. With this substance, you will get “high”. You can also find THC in various products such as tinctures, oils, edibles, etc.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean these two things are the same. They were definitely a taboo subject for many years, but there are some crucial differences that we want to analyze. We already mentioned some, but it would be good to make an in-depth analysis.

Chemical Structure

Source: Cannabis Tours

Okay, this will maybe sound strange to you, but both compounds have exactly the same molecular structure. More precisely, their structure contains 21 carbon atoms, 2 oxygen atoms, and 30 hydrogen atoms. That’s probably the reason why these two things confuse people.

The difference is actually the way how these two compounds arrange. Because of that, THC and CBD have different chemical properties. Those properties will have a different impact on your body.

However, they are both working with receptors that release neurotransmitters in your brain. That means they can influence things such as memory, sleep, pain, mood, etc.

But, how to do they affect the body?

First of all, our body has two different types of cannabinoid receptors. The first one we already mentioned; they are located in our brain. These receptors control mood, pain, and other things that we mentioned. Because of that, THC makes us feel euphoric and changes our mood. On the contrary, CBD does not have that strong effect. It uses other elements in the body that are connected with so-called “well-being” feelings.

Legal Side


Cannabis-related law is slowly making progress in the USA. However, marijuana and THC are still on the list of controlled substances. That means they are prohibited under federal law.

Yet, many states of America have passed cannabis-related laws. They are making so-called medical marijuana with high levels of THC legal. Logically, not everyone will be able to prescribe these products. Only people that are licensed physicians have the right to do that.

We won’t mention states here that legalized both compounds. However, if in your states marijuana is legal for medical or recreational purposes, then there is a big chance CBD is legal as well.

Note We suggest you check the state’s law and see if these things are legal in your state. If you possess a cannabis-related product in the state where that’s illegal, then you will have to face legal penalties.

Medical Benefits


This is the part that is also quite confusing for people interested in cannabis-related products. The benefits of these two compounds are similar as well. More precisely, they can provide relief from several of the same conditions. Yet, the difference is that THC will cause euphoric effects. That is the reason why people are not sure if these products are good or bad. However, keep in mind that CBD does not have that sort of influence. That is probably the reason why more and more people rather choose CBD than THC. If you planning to try out some of the CBD products, we suggest you check Botanicm and see which products you can find on the market. Trust us; the number of options is huge.

Besides that, it is important to mention that CBD relief things like – inflammation, pain, nausea, psychosis or mental disorders, seizures, etc. On the other hand, people use THC to help with conditions like muscle spasticity, glaucoma, low appetite, anxiety, etc. As you see, there are many common benefits of these two products. Yet, you won’t get high because of using CBD products.


We hope that you now understand the main difference between these two products. Do not forget to check if they are legal or not in your state. If you want to check that, we suggest you click here.