The Failure of #MeToo for the Helpless Women

The #MeToo movement found its roots in the United States and took shape in India when actress Tanushree Dutta criticized actor Nana Patekar of misbehavior on the sets of a movie. After this incident, many other women started revealing their stories as well. But is this enough? Does this cover everyone? The answer to these questions is NO.

Why Women turn numb towards Harassment?

Why can’t the victims stay bold and reveal the evil-doers? Why they feel afraid? It is because of society. We judge the victims and not the culprits. Still, many women showed courage and disclosed the wrong-doers. There are still many who could not do the same. There are two major reasons for this. Either they do not have knowledge of sexual harassment and bad touch, or that evil person is one of the family members itself. Yes, this is the harsh truth. Even the family members behave in such a way.

Many women face sexual harassment at workplace in bright working hours. The question is WHY? Why can’t men just accept them working equally? For the fear of losing job and harassment by society, these women choose to stay quiet. They keep taking these cruel things as they come. Why have they are so helpless? Why can’t people listen to them and trust them? It is not their mistake. It is the mistake of the person who possesses bad thoughts.

Let’s make a difference

People, this has to change. We have to unite to make this change happen. We have to change our point of view and have sympathy with the victim and not form opinions about them. Let’s join together and get determined to punish the culprits.