The Flowers of Spain

Beautiful flowers can be seen growing all around the globe. Almost all countries have specific flowers growing from their soil and Spain is no exception. The flowers that grow there are quite distinctive, beautiful, and unique and they fit Spain’s attractive culture. The flowers that grow in Spain come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. In this article, you will be able to read about the flowers that grow there. Let’s take a look:

1. Pomegranate

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The pomegranate plant is known for its fruit that is filled with antioxidants and for its health, it brings another benefit, its flowers are quite beautiful. They grow alone or in groups of three or four flowers at the end of its branches. The petals are either orange, white, or bright crimson. Each blossom has six to eight petals that look crumpled. These flowers are known to self-pollinate, meaning that they do not need the help of insects, however, bees tend to love this flower.

2. Red Carnations

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Carnations have a round flower with a lot of petals that all weave around each other. They grow in almost every color and in a lot of countries around the world. You can find every color of carnations in Spain as well, but, the most popular and famous one there is the red carnation. They are a symbol of passion and love, and boyfriends and husbands tend to give them to their partners to express these feelings. Also, women in Spain love wearing red carnations in their hair. If you are interested in seeing red carnations in a bouquet, check this website out.

3. Spanish Bluebells

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Spanish bluebells are wonderful flowers that are extremely popular in Spain and their name is fitting to their description. Each and every flower is shaped like a small bell that hangs from its stem, just like a real bell would hang. The tiny bells are usually light violet with a bluish feel to it. Usually, there are around twelve bells hanging from each stem.

4. Lantana Flowers

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These flowers are known for their colorful ball-shaped blossom clusters. Each flower grows in a strong orange, yellow, red, white, or pink color and the clusters consist of a few individual flowers. The clusters can be all in one color, or they can be multicolored. However, you should be careful when touching these flowers since poisonous blackberries grow in their place once the flowers wither.

5. Valencia Rose

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This rose is similar to the traditional rose. Its bush and petal arrangement is the same as a regular rose, and they are usually either pale yellow, orange, or red. Like the red carnation mentioned above, the Valencia Rose is also a symbol of love and is often gifted to people to express just that.


As you were able to see, these flowers are some of the most beautiful and popular flowers in Spain. And, if you ever find yourself in Spain, make sure that you search for these beautiful flowers since they will certainly leave you in awe.