The rapid rise in Cabbie Rage in Bengaluru

The usage of cabs have become a common means of transport all over the country. Although, the Cabbie rage in Bengaluru is increasing by every passing day. The cab drivers threaten people if they do not agree to their terms and conditions and in some cases they even harass the passengers travelling in their cabs. There are too many incidents occurring these days and some of them are stated below.

Firstly, the global FMCG Company’s sales manager, Chandra, was allegedly assaulted by an Uber driver. The Uber driver hit the man badly on his face and head. The man was left on the road bleeding with a broken nose and two fingers of right hand fractured. According to the police officer it was a case of a verbal argument turning physical. Chandra said that he asked the driver to speed up as he already kept waiting for the driver for about 30 minutes and when he said so the driver pulled him out of the cab and started hitting him. Chandra was travelling in Uber Pool back to his home in Marathahalli from his work place in Jayanagar. He had been treated Yashomati Hospital and later in Apollo and Columbia Asia also. According to The CT scan reports there are many possibilities of permanent damages. The Uber services had barred the driver because of the critical nature of the situation and even emailed Chandra that they are looking into the matter reported.

Secondly, the Uber driver threatened a lady in southeast Bengaluru when she denied to cancel the trip. He threatened to ferry the lady in a desolate place when she denied to accept her request. The driver wanted to avoid the traffic jam in HSR layout. The victim’s sister later posted about the incident on social media and tagged the police commissioner and after that the driver came and apologized to the lady. The women did not register any complaints but she did come to the police station.

Thirdly, two women IT professionals were also mistreated by an Uber driver. The Uber driver threw their bags out of the window and also held a woman’s shirt by the collar. This incident took place in the evening at about 6 pm when both the women were heading to their work place. The driver denied duty as he was not willing to go to the destination entered and he forcefully asked the passenger to get off instead of cancelling the trip earlier. The two ladies denied to get off as they were late already and that’s when the driver turned aggressive.

According to the victims the Uber services are very reluctant and irresponsible regarding their safety services. They are not very much concerned about the safety of public and precisely women and children. They are also negligent towards their duty of choosing the drivers and taking care of whether they abide by the rules and regulations or not. In reply, the Uber services agrees to support the Law Enforcement Authorities in their investigation.