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The stunning colors for new age bridal outfits

Gone are the days when brides stuck to a particular color (you know –red!) for their outfits. Brides these days don’t hesitate to experiment with a variety of colors. Because you know women are more than just pink or red. Check out these new age Lehengas and their fresh colors that will surely make you go gaga over them.

Shades of White

I know some sections of society consider white-colored outfits inauspicious for a wedding, but designers these days have gone on to alter this aspect. They either help you add another color to the design or give the options of different shades of white, which are equally stunning. You can even ask your designer for a golden colored choli and white lehenga with golden design on it, if you still want to stay within the borders of the traditions. If you have always dreamt about those shiny white gowns worn by your favorite actress in some Hollywood movie, now is the time to make your dream a reality with these trendy white lehengas.

Ultra Violet

Ultra violet is the Pantone Color of the year 2018 and it has already taken the clothing industry by storm. Ultra violet colored lehengas teamed with gold or pink design and dupattas will surely make your groom go nuts on you on your wedding day. Look at these beautiful pictures of ultra violet colored lehengas, and you will get an idea of what I am trying to convey.

Rose gold

God! Don’t even get me started with magnificent beauty that is rose gold. This color is not just restricted to the clothing industry. You can even find rose colored jewellery, watches, branded phones and much more. And thanks to our Indian Designer Sabyasachi, we now have rose gold lehengas designed to soothe you to the core.

Bright yellow

Who said you can only wear yellow colored outfits for haldi or mehndi functions..? Although bright yellow has always been part of various functions throughout India, it is now available in the form of bridal lehengas. These stunning outfits can be matched with green or orange or violet colored dupattas and jewellery.

Sage Green

Although since ages, we have seen dark green colored sarees or any other outfit wore by brides at their marriages, sage green is definitely the color of this new age. People who like green color are often considered to be calm and peace loving. If green color happens to be your favorite color and you don’t want to wear that old fashioned dark green colored outfits, sage green is the color for you. Since sage green is lighter shade of green color, you can add embroidered designs of some dark colors like gold, pink or even dark green to give your lehenga, a contrasting look.


The wedding market was taken by surprise when designers Nikhil, Shantanu and Anushree Reddy let out a batch of lavender colored bridal lehengas. This trendy color works for both day as well as night functions. Lavender colored lehengas give you a fairy tale look when it’s teamed up with silver or light pink designs all over it.


For those who don’t want to get too far from the traditional look of red lehengas and yet want to seem trendy, maroon colored lehengas will do the job for you. This color even gives you the luxury of wearing golden jewellery since maroon and gold go hand in hand. The accomplished designers have taken the designing of maroon lehengas with golden colored designs to a whole new level. See for yourself.

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