The Top Ten Most Popular Adult Games of 2019

by Marco P.

There have been several great sex games published over the years, many of which have been improved or upgraded recently. From what we have seen on, there are hundreds we could discuss; we are going to discuss only our top picks of the year.

10. Project QT

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There are several titillating titles on Nutaku, but there are few which combine a unique storyline, engaging gameplay, and heavy erotic content – however, Project QT is one of these neat exceptions.

After an experiment involving an artificial black hole goes awry, you have to solve a series of puzzles to prevent the spread of a virus before it infects all of humanity. In addition to your wits, you get some sweet RPG-style upgrades and some sexy sidekicks to help you.

Available as a free-to-play game compatible with desktop and Android devices, see why this game has not only got our endorsement but also received rave reviews from the mainstream, professional gamers Like Robert Adams from Tech Raptor.

9. 3DXChat

Technically, this game is a parody of Second Life – only better since there are better graphics and uncensored nudity. In this real-life simulator, you can earn money, acquire hot cars and clothes, and hook up with other users.

Of course, that last part is the main draw, and like other life simulators, you can customize the appearance of your character from their apparel to skin tone to chest or bust size. Besides chatting and having e-sex with other members, there are virtual strip clubs, brothels, and other seedy locations.

8. Gay Harem

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Though a clear niche, this is one of the better adventure-style games of its type. In this free-to-play illustrated manga, your objective is to recruit other attractive men into your harem, have them help you fight in RPG battles, and, once you have gained their loyalty, engage in all sorts of sexual activity.

7. Booty Calls

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No, this is not a take on a traditional first-person shooter game with naked women, though there are a lot of nude ladies and a kind of shooting. Instead, you are assaulted by a bevy of beautiful women that you pursue in an ongoing series of sexual adventures.

In addition to the multitude of content already released, one of the reasons we included this game is because its developers have released a series of neat features, savings opportunities, and other bonuses few other games in the erotic niche have.

You don’t believe us? Just check out the game’s Steam profile.

6. Dream Daddy

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While researching this article, the main reason we included this game is because of the incredible reception it has received – even among the more “tame” spaces of the internet. As you might anticipate, this game is a drawn-out choose-your-own-adventure game in which the player interacts and even flirt with several mature gentlemen – all of whom happen to have pleasing physiques – all with the ultimate intent of landing a favored beau.

Like the Japanese-inspired art style, the gameplay is solid, and most gamers who like men or a meandering but well-crafted plot will enjoy this experience.

5. Hentai Heroes

This is one of those games which puts you right into the thick of the action. Unlike other games which send you to a landing page, if you type in the URL, you will see a screen capture of on of the scene from the game along with the option to log in or sign up.

Talk about an aggressive marketing strategy.

Anyway, when it comes to substance, this game is one of those long, choose-your-own-adventure experiences which – based on the characters’ designs – parodies some existing IPs but is still original. The gameplay is not much to comment on, but the storyline and artwork make it worth being added to this list.

4. Crush Crush

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Combining anime art with exemplary game mechanics, this exotic, erotic experience is undoubtedly one of the best online today. Unlike many other Flash-based games with a slight erotic twist, Crush Crush has actual explicit content, and unlike many sexually-themed games, there are solid game mechanics.

The premise of this dating simulation is that you go through and impress one (or several) of the town’s loveliest ladies by building up your stats, performing jobs to acquire points, then going out for a romantic evening. Once you do, depending on your skills and politeness, the night might end in an innocent tickle fight or something a bit more intimate.

3.  3D Sex Villa series

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So far there are two installments in this ongoing franchise, you set up customized sex scenes of 3D CGI babes along with male scene partners, sex toys, a range of outfits and more. The free version is a bit limited when it comes to what you can do, but if you invest some money for the paid version, there are almost no limits to the hot scenes you can program and watch.

Got one that you like and want to spread all over the net? This game also has some excellent features which make it easy to export your files as videos you can upload to PornHub, Xtube, or your tube of choice.

2. Cunt Wars

One of the things which makes this game stand out is the fact that it is a strategy turn-based game, not a dating simulator or a real-time action game. Rather than romance your one true love, in this game, you are a dauntless warrior who just so happens to have a sizable harem of loyal ladies who also have some sizable assets.

Your goal is to build a deck packed with dames who can aid you in battle as you lay low monstrous opponents. Finally, get laid. And no, unlike traditionally censored hentai, this game comes complete – blurring, barring, and pixelation free.

1. Booty Farm

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Promoted by Apkmody, ModDroid, and Nutaku, this game has exploded all over the internet recently. Yes, it is, in some ways, a parody of Farmville, and yes, it is a dating sim. However, that did not negatively influence our opinion of this game.

It is one of the more in-depth sex simulators in which you are a playboy who has inherited a large estate complete with a harem of female farmhands. Get ready to make money and get your hands dirty in more ways than one.

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