These are some of the best looking biker rings

by Jeff Bushman
These are some of the best looking biker rings

Bikers don’t think of jewelry as mere accessories, but instead, they wear them to express their personality and make a statement. It is important to keep this in mind if you are buying a present for a biker friend. If you are considering a gift that they can wear both on and off the bike and that will always be visible, you should get them a ring. There are different designs you can choose from and we are going to discuss some of them in the following text.

The most typical design of a biker rings is skull rings. The best thing about them is that they can be tailored in any possible way, and this is what makes them so popular. They can be of simple and clean design or can be further decorated depending on one’s liking. In addition, the skulls can be created to make endless expressions from laughing to intimidating one. You can get Silver Kiss of Death Skull Ring that symbolizes eternal love but also protection, strength and overcoming death.

These are some of the best looking biker rings


Since Harley Davidson has been a favorite brand when it comes to bikes for decades now, it comes as no surprise the popularity of rings that have this crest on them. There is usually the name “Harley Davidson” or just initial “HD” engraved somewhere on the ring which makes these rings easily noticed. Similarly, there is a popular Route 66 Biker Ring which you can get on this website. It features a biker, wearing a helmet that is engraved with Route 66 sign with goggles and a cigar.

Furthermore, there are rings with animal themes. You can choose between a tiger, cheetah, lion or Phoenix, depending on which symbolism you want. For example, the tiger represents strength and power; cheetahs indicate biker’s sharpness and speed, or if you want a mystical symbol opt for Phoenix that adds charm and elegance. Additionally, you can choose Chinese dragons or an underwater creature such as octopus that is often linked with illusion and magic.

Moreover, you can choose a design that is influenced by the gothic style. They often feature large dark or metal stones and also medieval symbols such as dragons and birds such as the eagle. You can choose an Eagle Claw Ring that is created in the shape of a claw. Also, these rings can be paired with other styles of jewelry. Since they are designed to look old and worn, you can get one without any features on it, and it will still keep its gothic design.

These are some of the best looking biker rings

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Another type that has been becoming extremely popular is cross rings. Basically, their main feature is a cross that spreads across the entire face of the ring. It can be further decorated with gemstones if you want to add some color to it, or it can feature a simple metal motif, the choice is all yours. Additionally, these rings are usually combined with pieces of jewelry that feature skulls or hearts. Besides, many ring designers know tend to create types of rings that are connected to one’s religion and beliefs.

All in all, these are some five main designs of biker ring you can choose from. As mentioned above, if you are buying one as a present, consider your friend’s interests and personality in order to find the best one.

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