5 Things You Can Do When You Have No Motivation

by Mitov Mitrovski

Lacking motivation isn’t anything strange or unusual in today’s world. Between working 9 to 5 and taking care of everything else, to find motivation during this pandemic is an even more difficult proposition.

However, do know that you are not the only person that has lacked motivation. There are things to do and ways to go about this inconvenient issue.

So, to help you out, we’re here to tell you about the 5 things you can do when you have no motive. But before that, let’s talk about something else.

Why Are You Feeling This Way?

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Before giving you things to do, it’s important to acknowledge why you’re feeling less motivated than usual. In many cases, simply acknowledging the reasons for your situation can be enough to solve the issue. If you address the issue, then you might prevent it from increasing.

In other cases, this might not solve anything. However, as we mentioned, it’s important to find the root cause of the problem. And here are a couple that might be why.

  • Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is a huge issue in modern society and the reason why many people lose the urge. This is mostly the case with teens and young adults that aren’t aware of their capabilities.

  •  Discomfort or Avoidance

Any uncomfortable feelings and boredom can be the root cause of lacking the motivation to do anything. It can be really challenging to beat procrastination and uncomfortable feelings. This might be the reason why you are lacking motivation while working.

  • Being Overwhelmed

It’s not unusual for both young adults and adults to feel overwhelmed by things happening in life. If such is the case, then it will likely take a toll on your motivation.

  • Lacking a Goal

A person without goals, commitments, and aspirations can really feel lost in life. And if such a person exists, which it certainly does, then this person is likely not motivated at all.

  • Mental Health Issues

And lastly, although certainly not the least, mental health issues can negatively impact your impulse to do anything. Suffering from mental health disorders isn’t anything easy to cope with and neither is lacking the motivation to do anything about it.

Now that we’ve outlined the possible causes, let’s look at the things to do.

1. Act As If You Were Motivated

The mind is a tricky thing to deal with. But sometimes, playing a trick on the mind can be beneficial in both short term and long term strategizing.

A great way to bring back the lost motivation is to trick the mind into thinking that you are indeed motivated. Ask yourself, “What I would be doing now if I were motivated?” Think about the potential outcomes and pick one.

It might just be enough to get back the much-needed motivation to go about your daily life.

2. Start Arguing With Yourself

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Being lazy and saying that you’ll never achieve stuff is just the sort of mentality that keeps you in this state of mind.

If you lack motivation, then you need to work hard and bring it back. So, why don’t you start arguing with yourself every time you put off a task for a later time? Saying that you’re too lazy to get out of bed because you lack motivation only makes things worse.

You will never get out of bed if you don’t want to. So, get up and go against the inner voice that calls for negative and counterproductive actions.

3. Watch Motivational Videos

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If you’re a person that severely lacks motivation, then you’re probably familiar with motivational videos. These are short YouTube videos, usually up to 10 minutes long, that involve a motivational speaker or a famous person talking about personal hardships.

They are mostly dramatic and aimed at making you relate to the situation before the punch of the video arrives. The punch is the call for you to get up and solve your problems. To break from this negative mindset and to convince you that anything is possible if you want it.

Motivational videos are amazing, inspiring, and just the thing you need to solve your issue. There are tons of them and you’ll likely watch a few.

We recommend a motivation dramatic video from Hero:

4. Practice the 10-Minute Rule

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Whenever lacking the motivation to do anything, there is a simple thing you can do to snap out of it. Namely, the 10-minute rule is a great way to get back the urge to do things that previously seemed impossible.

When performing a task and feeling too lazy to do it, the 10-minute is a great way to start. It involves taking a break when reaching the 10-minute mark. Take a one minute break and ask yourself whether you can continue moving forward.

This rule is best used when exercising, as it was pioneered by a heavy-lifting champion. Once you exercise for 10 minutes, ask yourself whether you feel motivated to finish the rest of your exercises.

But, this rule is specially designed to help you with anything in life, not specifically for going to the gym.

5. Take A Walk

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Fresh air can help you greatly when lacking the urge. This is why many cities have many parks where residents can take a stroll to improve their quality of life.

If you’re feeling less motivated and have an upcoming test, then taking a short walk through your local park can help you get back the much-needed motivation to study and ace the test.

You must take a walk through a park as a change of scenery helps along nicely.

Finishing Thoughts

The lack of motivation plagues the world on a grand scale. A lot of people live boring lives and have boring jobs where the urge to succeed is very slim.

However, hard work ultimately pays out so try to implement some of our 5 things to help you gain back the much-needed motivation.

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