Thrilling activities in Bengaluru that is going to leave you spellbound

If you are the adventurous type and seek to explore the most out of life, the city has an endless list of things you would love to try it out. The garden city is surrounded by technology firms as well as pubs and options for thrill seekers is no bar here. The list contains the most interesting things that you can try out for the most awesome and memorable time you are hoping for.

  • Micro flight flying – Your flying dreams come true where you will be able to fly a micro flight plane as a co-pilot for 30 minutes under the expert supervision of a trained pilot. At the Jakkur Aerodrome you get to learn the techniques of flying where a briefing will be made to you regarding safety issues to make sure there is a hassle free flying experience. Hosted by the event cost Rs. 17000 per person.
  • Wine Tasting and Tour, Soma Vineyard – This vineyard is nearly 100 acres encompassed by mountains where you get to taste the best variety of wines straight from the barrel. You will also be guided about the delicate process of wine making and there are pretty scenic locations to choose from inside the huge vineyard while you sip on some of the finest wines having a conversation with your friends and family. Along with the wine you also have a choice of some starters and suitable snacks.
  • Adventure Sports – Play arena hosts sport activities that include water polo, beach volleyball, skating rink, football and a range of other activities for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.
  • Bowling – The best part of the Amoeba Sports Bar is the bowling alley where you can try your hand at bowling which has eight lanes. It also holds live sporting events and place is jam packed on weekends. It is a typical bar where you can enjoy some refreshing beer along with some lip smacking food.
  • Cave Resort – Guhantara is the lone underground cave resort in the country and along with the good food you can enjoy some pretty cool games such as table tennis, darts, cricket, beach volleyball, bow and arrow, tug of war, caterpillar and kite flying. There is also a swimming pool and you can also enjoy a rain dance here shaking to the hippest tunes being played by the DJ.
  • Night Trek – A night trek to Kabal Durga, a hill located in the outskirts of the city is an eight kilometer trek which starts at 9:30 pm in the night. The fort ruins along with the dark environment without a single soul nearby is surely going to give anyone the goosebumps

looking at the night sky. You can have a bonfire, share your stories and enjoy the peaceful night with your group.