Tik Tok Videos Are “Safe” & “User-Friendly”

The trend from Dubshmash to Tik Tok Videos has impacted the Indian audience to showcase their Talent publicly through the Tik Tok App. This statement was given by Tik Tok itself after the High Court asks for the ban in Tamil Nadu.

Safe & Secure Environment for the Users

Tik Tok Videos are more popular in smaller towns in India offering a 15 second Tik Tok videos download and sharing platform for open audience.

However, Tik Tok videos in India has been scanned recently by the High Court and to ban in India. This is especially done for promoting pornographic content. This allegation had been raised for tik tok videos in Hindi mostly for promoting such content.

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But on the other hand, Tik Tok itself has to say that the platform is extremely safe and secure offering users to share videos in public especially tik tok videos in hindi and tik tok videos comedy sections have great impact on normal public promoting decent content and not supporting inappropriate content.  

Tik Tok Videos In India – Not the First Ban

Research says that Indian users account for approx 25% of tik tok videos download, covering a user base of around 250 million. This count is huge as Tik Tok videos have a wide-spread presence across India in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

Tik Tok has recently tied up with with Musicaly for creating a musical experience for the users making videos publicly. This user experience is highly entertaining and enables the smaller town teenagers to showcase their acting, dance and musical  talent especially for tik tok videos in Hindi.

It is not the first ban for Tik tok videos. Indonesia had also undergone the same allegations for promoting “Pornographic” content in tik tok videos. But , later the allegations were withdrawn off.

Well, there is no such valid proof of promoting inappropriate content by tik tok videos in India. Till then , the users have an unlimited access to showcase their talent on public and increase their fan following.