6 Ways to Use TikTok Advertising to Promote Your Business

2020 has been a very interesting year so far, and some things will mark it as one of the most unique years in this decade. When it comes to trends and things that made a lot of impact in this year, we cannot forget to mention TikTok.

Ever since this application was released for smartphones, it changed the way people act, behave and entertain themselves in their free time. Although this application is mostly popular amongst the younger generations, we cannot deny the fact that some adults use it as well. TikTok can be a great entertaining product, but it’s a powerful marketing tool as well.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways to use TikTok if advertising your business is your main goal. Whether you’re a marketing agent or just someone looking to learn more about advertising, this is the right place to be. We will make sure to keep this guide concise and informative, so even if you are an entry-level marketing agent, you’ll understand everything that we will list below. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. By running your account

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It’s probably the most difficult way to do this, but it’s what’s going to bring you the most success in the long term. Creating your own TikTok account and building it up from scratch is not an easy task, but your followers and friends will appreciate your effort. This is something that builds trust and promotes your brand in the right way.

Instead of promoting by sharing your videos posted on other people’s accounts, we suggest that you create your one, specifically meant for your business or brand. It may take some time to reach your desired followers with this method, but you will have a well-developed profile that you can use for future marketing purposes and collaborations. We think that this is the right way to do it. But, there are some other things as well that you can consider if you need extra help. Let’s take a look.

2. Paid influencer collaboration

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Influencers are people with a lot of followers. Basically what they do is promote products in front of their huge audience that will most likely purchase anything that the influencer tells them is worthy of their money. In 2023 this became the hottest marketing trend, so we suggest that you take a further looking at and start looking for some collaborations. Of course, you can become an influencer as well, but you’ll need a starting boost with some extra followers because otherwise, the competition will run you over. If you ever decide to buy TikTok followers, letsviral.com is a website where you can learn some more about the entire process of investing for a larger follower count on social media.

3. Sponsored guest posts on popular accounts

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Let’s say that you are a busy business owner and you don’t have enough time to engage in marketing and all sorts of promotions for your brand, or you simply don’t know how to do it correctly. Well, one thing that you can do is ask for guest posts on already popular accounts. The price for this will vary depending on a few factors. For example, if you want to create your video, and then ask for someone to simply post it on their account, it may be a bit cheaper. But, if you want the influencer to make the video for you and then posted, it will be a slightly more expensive investment. Another factor that will impact the price is the current “fame” of the person you’re asking to collaborate with.

4. Following the latest TikTok trends

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TikTok became a trend that sets trends if that makes any sense. Everything that becomes a trend and a viral thing to do, including dances and all kinds of moves, comes from TikTok. This means that if you ever want to achieve success on this platform, you’ll have to follow-up all the latest trends and make content that’s appealing to an audience of all kinds. It’s not too difficult to follow the latest trends because just by opening up the phone app you will immediately see what’s trending.

5. By increasing your follower base

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So just as we mentioned above, what makes you popular on social media is the number of followers and likes you have on your content. To promote your brand in the right way, you have to increase your follower base and pump up those numbers on your account to look more legitimate and professional. There are numerous ways to this, either organically or not, but that’s up to you to choose. Of course, we always recommend the organic way of building your account, unless you need a quick boost for a marketing campaign, then we support pay-per-click, influencer collaborations, and everything else that’s a tool for marketing in 2023.

6. Creative content to reach the FYP

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The front page of TikTok is called the FYP, and if you manage to reach it, you’ll have a much higher chance of attracting new followers and fans. But, it’s not easy to reach the front page because a lot of people are posting content daily. You have to be very creative and serious to gain the attention of others on this smartphone app.


As you can see, TikTok is not only used for entertainment purposes, and one of the best ways to prove this is to take a look at all the influencers who use the application. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends in 2023, so if you’re thinking about writing a similar advertising campaign for your brand or business, this is the right way to do it.

With some of the recent changes happening to TikTok in 2023, it may not be as popular as it was in the past few months, but it still in the top three most used phone apps in the entire world. This means that you have a huge audience to advertise your brand in front of.