5 TikTok Marketing Rules And Strategies For New Businesses

Have you heard of TikTok? You probably heard about it, even though some of you may not know what it’s really about. In recent years, this social network based on video clips has become a real global phenomenon. As such, it has found itself in focus when it comes to marketing. Is this a new strategy you should try for your new business? The answer to this question depends on your business goals and target audience. We will draw your attention to some things that are definitely useful. Therefore, we present 5 TikTok marketing rules and strategies for new businesses.

TikTok’s Video Charm

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You may love or hate this social network – but the fact is that its popularity and the number of its users are growing. TikTok is an app intended primarily for placing short, entertaining video forms. After Facebook and Instagram, we are witnessing the rapid growth of the new social network – which has set the video as an extremely popular format. Video is actually the focal point of TikTok’s connection with the audience.

Does TikTok Have The Potential For Marketing?

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The fact is that video has become an increasingly popular way of expression in recent years. What is typical for TikTok – is the fact that it is not about long videos. That is pretty understandable – since the attention of today’s consumers is not long-lasting. When it comes to the content of these videos – it is mostly dominated by dance trends, challenges, or voice syncs. These are the things that will entertain the audience – mostly teenagers, or those who feel like teenagers. So, is there any TikTok marketing potential, and what kind? Definitely YES. The only question is which target group your business is oriented towards – and whether you know how to use well-known marketing strategies in the right way.

TikTok Marketing Rules And Strategies For New Businesses

To determine if TikTok advertising is beneficial to your business – you need to consider a few parameters. These include demographics, gender diversity of users – and finally, age. When it comes to demographics, it seems that users from Asia still have a great advantage, although this global phenomenon has spread all over the world. On the other hand, speaking about the gender division – interestingly, the forces are quite equal. Ultimately, there is also age as the most important parameter. The target group, that is, the population that is the most numerous, is young people. Almost 70% of the audience is made up of people under 30 years of age. So, if all this suits your target audience – then you can definitely embark on a new marketing adventure. And these are TikTok marketing rules and strategies for your new business.

1. TikTok marketing must not be advertising

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TikTok is popular among young people because it is relaxed and unburdening. There are no serious topics, but it all comes down to fun. Generations that use this social media have grown up with ads that can be rewound or skipped. Therefore, your ad mustn’t be typical and boring. It has to be different. Today’s generations have ad blockers and therefore your approach must be original. Even if you make a short, but still classic video ad – it will not reach the users. So, you need a better strategy. You need to make a video that will go viral –  and in which you will skillfully implement your product or service. So, it is important to find an adequate way to reach the audience – if you want your TikTok ad to have a good effect. Therefore, let your imagination run wild. Get creative, and come up with some original and interesting videos.

2. Content quality is key to successful TikTok advertising

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When we say quality, we do not mean artistic value – but what the audience likes. In other words, you need to make such video content that a large number of people will want to see. You need something that people will click on, like, comment on – and react to it. If you succeed in that – we can say that you have found the magic formula of good marketing on this social media. What matters to you is the fact that this network can reward you for good content – by expanding something that is well received, even if you don’t have a lot of followers. This way a lot of people will see you even if you don’t have a lot of companions. That’s all you need to know and use. However, you should know the rule no. 3 as well.

3. Likes on TikTok – If you don’t have them, buy them

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It is not easy to gain a lot of likes on TikTok in a short time. You may not want to be a classic influencer – but you want people to hear about your company, brand, or product. So how do you achieve that? Very simple and very similar to other social networks. To make your profile look serious in the eyes of others and have some credibility to even go viral on this network – some companies can help you with buying TikTok likes. According to instblast, today you can find different packages for TikTok followers or Tik Tok likes. It is very important that you are active on your profile and that with this help you can achieve all your goals on this popular network. Be in trend and build a quality profile that can provide you with some kind of earnings. Speaking of trends, take a look at the following rule.

4. Follow the trends

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If you want your video to reach more people, then you should also follow what is on-trend on TikTok at that moment. Hashtags are also important for Tik Tok advertising. Which ones are popular? Do they fit into the story of your brand? If so, use them. However, you should keep in mind here that you shouldn’t put a lot of hashtags – but only a few of the most relevant ones. Don’t be guided by what’s most popular – but by what best fits your business story.

5. Repost

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To reach as many people as possible, it is a good tactic to repost your video from TikTok to other social networks. You can post a short video in an Instagram story, upload it to YouTube, Facebook, etc. Besides, you can easily save your TikTok masterpiece – and then share it wherever you think is desirable. This way, you will make your profile on Tik Tok popular – as well as your business.

Will TikTok Marketing Pay Off?

The message is clear. With so many users – you can’t miss it. All that matters – is that your ad is well packaged. Make an ad that doesn’t look like an ad, but a viral video. When it comes to performance, many people are still skeptical, but there is no reason to. If you are wondering, are there any exact examples or statistics that show that Tik Tok marketing really pays off – the answer is YES! Moreover, some indicators speak in favor of the fact that more than 50% of users bought certain products – just to become part of the community gathered around a certain brand. Keep this information in mind if you are still thinking about it.