9 Tips for Choosing The Right Wig For You – 2021 Guide

by Anite Allesis

Wigs have become very popular today, especially among younger women who want to change their look for a short time, for an evening out or some other occasion. This is the most painless way to do it because you don’t have to cut or dye your hair. Also, there is another group of women who have short hair and can’t wait to grow it.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing that many people, even children, suffer from serious diseases such as cancer and that after chemotherapy patients are left without hair. This often further demoralizes the person and often leads to depression. Fortunately, the wig will fix the thing right away.

However, to buy a good wig, it is not enough to just leave the house and go into the first store you come across. There are a few things you need to pay attention to when shopping.

Pay attention to the material

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To achieve the effect you want, and make your wig look like your natural hair, you will need to pay attention to the material it is made of, that is, whether it is made of real hair or not. Synthetic wigs will usually leave the wrong impression because they look very cheap. On the other hand, if you take a wig with a quality, natural haircut or better synthetic one, you will look like you have just visited the most expensive hairdresser. On  cynosurehair.com you can find out more about good-quality wigs.

Is it resistant to high temperatures and Can I dye it?

When you are already buying a wig, you will surely want to change your hairstyle sometimes. That is why it is important to buy a quality one, one that will withstand the high temperatures of your hair curler and straightener.

Is it washable?

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This is one of the most important things when choosing a wig. Over time, various unpleasant odors will creep into it, such as the smell of cigarettes, and it will also become dirty from touching. If a wig is not washable, it is not even worth buying.

Choose a wig according to the shape of your face

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Just as we have to choose clothes according to our figure, so you have to choose a wig according to the shape of your face and the size of your head. It’s not enough to just choose what’s fashionable and think you’re done with the job. It is important to choose one that will look natural. Otherwise, you will get a counter-effect.

Find you’re capsize

Although the standard size corresponds to 95%, you still need to measure your head because wigs can be purchased in several sizes. When buying a wig, look for one that will fit the size of your head and will not tighten when worn. Do not hesitate to try a few different ones to figure out which one suits you best.

Start from the front of your hairline, towards the ear to the nape of your head until you close the circle.

Choose the color

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To make your hair fit as well as possible and look natural, choose shades similar to your natural hair color. If you are a natural brunette, by no means choose platinum blue wigs, because your eyebrows will reveal you.


Wig densities are measured in percentage and it is something you have to pay attention to. Usually, there are several options – 130%, 150%, 180%, and 200%. However, do not be misled that the lushest is always the best solution, very often it can have the wrong, unnatural effect.

Synthetic vs Human hair

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Although human hair wigs are of better quality, there are also synthetic ones that meet the criteria of the most demanding customers. What is the main difference between these wigs?

  • Synthetic hair pros and cons

The good features of synthetic hair are that it requires less styling, it does not react in time so you do not need to be afraid of raindrops, it is easy to maintain, and they are of high quality to the touch and look the same as natural hair. Some synthetics can even withstand high temperatures, so it is possible to make various hairstyles.

On the other side, synthetic hair will not last longer than six months, sometimes it has an unnatural shine and cannot be dyed.

  • Human hair pros and cons

Just as synthetic has its advantages and disadvantages, so do human hair wigs. When we talk about the advantages, they are numerous – it has a more natural look, it does not tear easily, you can straighten and twist it, it can be painted, and its lifespan is twice as long as mentioned above.

What does not go in her favor is that it reacts to time, ie humidity, it is difficult to style, much more expensive, and more demanding to maintain.

How much is it to buy a wig?

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The price of a wig mostly depends on the material, ie the hair from which it is made, and also on the cap construction. The more natural the hat looks, the higher the price of the wig. By the way, the prices of human hair wigs range from 50-200 dollars, while good synthetic ones are 150-400 dollars.


Many public figures like to wear wigs. Just remember Ariane Grande, for whom a long ponytail has also become a trademark. Besides her, many celebrities like to wear them, some occasionally, to shoot a video or a movie, and for some, it has become an everyday routine.

Women are prone to frequent changes. There is an old saying that when a woman wants a change in her life, she changes either her partner or her hairstyle. However, frequent visits to the hairdresser can often be expensive, and over time you could also damage your natural hair. That is why buying a wig is a great solution. So, dear husbands and boyfriends, do not hesitate to buy your better half a wig, unless you want to be replaced!

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