10 Tips For The Ideal Vacation In Barbados

Visiting Barbados can be one of the most unique experiences of your lifetime! Barbados is located in the West Indies, and is a heaven on earth! It offers loads of different fun activities for individuals, couples, or even families. It does not have to be a pricey trip, as long as if you come prepared, and do your homework! Luckily for you, we’ve gathered all the needed information in the following text!

10 Tips For The Ideal Vacation In Barbados

1. How to plan your trip?

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Whenever packing or going somewhere new, make sure to do your homework, and figure out the basics, at least. Those would be:

  1. A) What language do they speak? The answer is English.
  2. B) What is their currency? It is the Barbadian Dollar. For US $1 you would get BDS $1.98.
  3. C) How much time should I spend on this vacay? Most people would stick around for 7-10 days.

2. When to visit?

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Ideally, get there from April to June since it is quite warm and nice. People usually avoid the July-November season since this is the wet season. However, if you are on a budget rather come from mid-April through November and you will save some money. Everything is also a lot more affordable after the holidays.

3. What is the weather like?

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This is the most common question and something quite important since it will help you pre-plan, as well as pack for your trip. Luckily, Barbados has some moderate winds which will not allow for you to fry or boil down. The hottest month is August where you will experience around 30 degrees Celsius daily. January is the coldest, and it has an average of 22 degrees Celsius.

4. What activities are there?

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Loads of them! If you are an explorer, you will enjoy booking yourself different kinds of classes, sporty activities, as well as trips and getaways! Some of the most popular ones are:

  • The Animal Flower Cave
  • Tiami Catamaran Cruise
  • Harrison’s cave 
  • St.Nicholas abbey
  • Botanical gardens
  • Loads of different museums

5. Food and beverages

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Always do your research on your food options, restaurants, as well as different menus. Most people will prefer the traditional fish fry, along with some of the most delicious meals from the Caribbean kitchen and from their tradition! Most tourists love to enjoy a quick little dance to live music and grab a bite to eat before they stay in.

The best way to prepare for your trip is to find some restaurants and their menus on TripAdvisor. This way, you will easily find something that suits you, which is especially important if you have allergies, or if you are on a budget!

6. Your stay

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The island of Barbados is filled with loads of different luxurious seaside resorts. Do you want to experience an amazing and stylish villa? Or are you more-so into comfy rooms? Well, luckily for you, Caribbean Escape can help you find your perfect stay at your targeted budget. They will help you narrow down your selection, and will show you some of the prettiest properties that have a beautiful beachfront, villa vibe, townhouse, or will leave you at a cozy little apartment!

7. How to get there

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How are you traveling to this location? How well did you do your homework beforehand, and how much have you planned out when it comes to every step of the way? There is the Grantley Adams International Airport in Seawell, which is the central hub in Barbados. You should book your flight ticket months prior to the trip since you can get some special deals and bonuses early on. There are also last-minute deals if you are a spontaneous person.

8. Learn more about their history

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You will enjoy your trip a lot better if you get familiar with the location, people, culture, as well as their history. There is an amazing jewel of Bajan celebration, Food and Rum Festival, National Independence celebration, as well as the typical Halloween and NYE celebrations that you can explore and experience while you’re there. Learn about the history of Barbados, and also try out a tour or two which will give you a better insight of the townspeople, as well as the place itself.

9. Save the money

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Save your money before heading out, and do not come to the destination without being prepped. No reason to act recklessly either. Also, stay away from street festivals and parades if you are not the best when it comes to handling money, large crowds, or if you are worried about pickpocketers. Other helpful tips may include:

  • Go with larger groups on tours since these often have amazing deals and discounts
  • Book in advance, everything
  • Bring cash only
  • Leave your credit card at your hotel

10. Should you rent a car?

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Last, but not least, most tourists worry about this step, and they are not too sure what to do when it comes to their means of transport. Well, renting a car may be ideal for you, since it will allow you to move around at your preferred pace, and without feeling rushed. The island is small in itself, but it does allow you to explore different sceneries, and enjoy the view from your rental. Stay away from taxis since they can be quite pricey, and rather fill up the car with gas, and enjoy the trip!

Ready to explore?

Ready to explore and enjoy your journey? Have you ever been to Barbados before? If not, you will love it for your next go-to! It is a beautiful, sunny, as well as a relaxing location that has amazing food, friendly people, as well as loads of different and delicious beverages! It is perfect for men and women, kids, teens, couples, pets – you name it! It doesn’t have to be too pricey either, just make sure to do your research and book everything in advance!

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