Top 10 Pubs, Bars & Cafes in Bangalore for you to Chill & Enjoy

For many people in India, Bangalore is known as the pub city! From mediocre standard to outstanding bars & cafes, the people of Bangalore get a wide range of options to choose from. If you roam around the city, then you will find out many numbers of pubs in the densely populated areas of Bangalore. Being a technology city, most of the Bangalore livers come in the age group of 21 to 30 years. That’s why most of the Bangalore’s pubs and bars are fully crowded during the weekends. From Koramangala to Indiranagar, each and every place in Bangalore has at least one pub! If you are new in Bangalore, a list of top pubs, bars & cafes for you where you can chill and enjoy with your friends or colleagues!

  1. Harry’s Bar & Café:In Bangalore, there are three Harry’s Bar & Cafe with the same menu! You will find excellent cocktails here at the best price. Try out the classic mojito in here and enjoy!
  2. Monkey Bar: Visit Monkey Bar in Indiranagar and try out new cocktails from their changing menu every now and then! The Mando-Villa is the best-flavoredvodkain their menu which you should definitely try.
  3. The Irish House:This new Bar & Café is new in Whitefield which is the perfect comfort destination for all the regular drinks. With interesting cocktail menu, they also server community meals to their guests!
  4. Watson’s:If you enjoy having a bottle of beer or two, then the Watson’s is the best destination for you in Bangalore. With so many branches in Bangalore, it’s very popular for its beers and side dishes.
  5. The Biere Club: As this is in Lavelle Road, The Biere Club is always crowded with beer drinkers. With constantly changing menu, this pub offers vibrant side dishes along with cocktails to its visitors.
  6. Toit: Toit in Bangalore is the destination of beer drinkers on every Tuesday. With an interesting range of brews, this pub serves different flavored beers to its visitors. Additionally, you can order pizzas with the Toit special salad.
  7. Prost Brew Pub: As the name suggests, this beer pub is for those groups who want to enjoy drinking beers while enjoying great in-house music. If you ever visit Prost Brew Pub, you will surely love its relaxed ambiance!
  8. Bootlegger:Bootlegger is mainly for the young people who want to hang-out with their friends either on weekdays or weekends. With a wide range of interesting cocktails, you will find out great side dishes as well in Bootlegger.
  9. Sotally Tober: If you are in Bangalore, visit Sotally Tober at least once! Surely, you will love its incomplete-by-design look and relaxing ambiance.

10. Church Street Social: Plan a visit to Church Street Social Pub on the nest weekend and try out their signature cocktails including the sweet and sour mix. Surely, you weekends will get sorted!

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