Top 4 Ways How Bodybuilders Turned Performance Gear into Sexy ‘Datewear’

There was a time when sports clothes were only worn when you went to play sports, but then came a time when playing sports became so popular that it was turned into date activities. Playing tennis together, riding bikes, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and pretty much any physical activity that can be done with another person is used as a date idea, so it’s no wonder wearing sports clothes has become more than acceptable on dates. Bodybuilder dating has taken this trend to a whole new level thanks to the sheer sex appeal and super-high levels of self-esteem of many bodybuilders that us mere mortals have no other choice but to follow suit as best as we can as stated by

1: They Look Confident In It

There is no denying the fact that ‘sex sells’, but no matter how hot someone is in the eye of the beholder, they cannot ‘sell’ anything unless they believe in themselves. By building their bodies, bodybuilders also build their confidence, which is something most people find irresistible. Seeing a ripped person sporting a pair of Nikes or UAs, most of us can’t help but wish we could look that good in performance gear. What’s more, those people have no problem wearing sports clothes no matter what they’re doing – even when they’re out on a date. Why bother with a pair of heels and a short dress when you can turn just as many heads in tights and a tank top while also being super comfortable.

2: They Show They Are Grounded

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A bodybuilding couple is much more likely to go on a bike ride on a Saturday afternoon than on a posh dinner date to the hottest new restaurant opening in town. Needless to say, they’re much more likely to be seen in performance gear on such a date than anywhere else, and the fact that they look so down to earth makes them, and their choice of outfit, look super attractive. Obviously, they’d choose the kinds of dates were wearing Adidas was totally acceptable, but still, they’d make it look sexy yet inviting and relatable. Needless to say, those perfectly sculpted bodies could sell pretty much anything, even if they weren’t trying at all.

3: They Show Off Their Bodies

Speaking of their bodies, when going on bodybuilder dates fitness enthusiasts don’t miss the opportunity to show off what they’ve put years and years of hard work into – their physique. Sure, wearing a suit or a tight top can provide the onlookers with much viewing pleasure, but nothing shows off that perfect tush better than a pair of workout leggings, and pretty much the same goes for bulging biceps and sleeveless shirts. Performance gear is absolutely made to show off those physical assets in the sexiest possible way, and long gone are the days when it was only acceptable to wear it to the gym.

4: They Look Effortlessly Sexy

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Probably the single most appealing aspect of bodybuilder couples wearing performance gear no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing is the fact they look effortlessly sexy. They’re not even trying! Their bodies have been toned to perfection and showing them off so proudly in a Lulu tank top or yoga pants makes the innocent onlookers stare in awe, wishing they’d look as good wearing such simple clothes when out and about with their partners. There is absolutely no need for any excessive dressing up, wearing uncomfortable clothes or shoes, and looking uptight for no reason at all. They’re strutting their stuff like the pros, and look like their confidence is through the roof, and they couldn’t care less about what anybody else thought.

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