Top Ideas to Transform Your Backyard into a Great Summer Oasis

If you are that lucky to live in a house and have a backyard, you should start counting your blessings right away, as you’ve got countless possibilities to feel like you’re on vacation every day of summer.

The internet is full of numberless ideas of the things you can do to make your backyard more fun, and we’ve selected several of them that seem to be most useful. Take a look and choose the one you find most appealing, or combine a few to create a real summer paradise.

Build a Porch


Most people that have a backyard usually build a porch together with the house itself. However, if you’re not one of them, now you’ll find out why you should join the club.

First of all, a porch is quite useful for practical reasons as it protects your house from any type of bad weather such as rain or snow. During summer, it creates shade and keeps your house cooler than it would normally be. But most importantly, it’s an amazing place for relaxation.

Although it sounds like you’d need to do some hard work to build a porch, it’s not that hard. Nowadays, you can buy material that is user friendly at and can be easily put together. For example, you can prepare the land and make a solid concrete base on which you can place engineered bamboo flooring and feel like you’re inside your home. The only thing left is to choose the type of canopy you like, and voila!

Once everything is done, the only thing left is to decorate the porch in a way that’ll make you feel comfortable and cozy, and your perfect relaxation spot is ready!

Install a Pool


If you would like to have a private place to cool down on boiling summer days, a pool is a great idea. Furthermore, nowadays you don’t have to dig half of your yard to have one. There are easy-set pools that can be installed above the ground and removed once the weather gets colder.

For full treatment, you can also get a few sunbeds and arrange them around the pool. You can call a few friends over and enjoy sunbathing far away from the crowds.

Create a Sports Area


Actively participating in any kind of sports is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Yet, sometimes, we find it hard to move and go somewhere we can play the sport we like.

For this reason, transforming a part of your yard into a sports area is a great idea — you will be able to practice physical activity anytime you like without leaving your house, and you’ll also have a place where you can organize sports activities for your friends.

You can put volleyball net, small goals, or even make a basketball court depending on your personal preference and the size of your yard. No matter what you choose, it’ll be both a source of fun and motivation for moving your body.

Make a Barbecue Corner


You must admit there’s no great backyard without a barbecue corner. Everyone’s favorite weekend activity can be easily done in your yard whenever you feel like it. In case you have a lot of space, you can even make it into a small kitchen and make the whole thing a lot easier.

Additionally, if you combine a barbecue corner with any of the previously mentioned ideas, it’s more than certain that many beautiful memories will be created in your yard. Just imagine — you’re surrounded by friends and family playing volleyball or chilling in the pool while the smell of steak is spreading throughout the yard. If you ask people living in a small apartment, this is the definition of heaven.

Set Up an Open-Air Theatre


What a better way to end your day if not watching a movie under the stars with a bottle of your favorite drink? This sounds like a fairytale but it can be easily achieved simply by acquiring a movie projector from your closest tech store.

It will be a piece of cake to connect your laptop with a projector you can turn towards your fence or a house wall. If there’s no possibility for something like that, you can always put a canvas somewhere outside and create a private open-air movie theater that will make you remember

Those summer nights forever!

Create your own personal Paradise


With proper planning, taking into account your lifestyle. Your garden can be so much more than a patch of lawn or a square of decking. “People expect their outside spaces to be a part of their homes”.

It’s like adding another room

There no need to get back basics, either. “We consider everything you might need: audio, equipment, exterior sockets, a sofa, a TV… Anything is possible.

Planning your space


You have the garden and you’re ready to transform it into an oasis, but there are some points to consider first.

  • Privacy

“You’re more likely to use an outside space if it’s well screened”, says Patrick Wynniatt-Hussey of Wynniatt-Hussey Clark Garden Designers. ‘So, the perimeter is all-important. Choose quality fencing and soften it with planting. For example, blank bamboo against a red cedar fence looks stunning’.

  • Shade

Shade product is important to make your outdoor entertaining special and intimate for your guests. Shade product includes everything from umbrellas sail shades to outdoor drapes. If you are looking for a fast solution to your shading needs then umbrellas are perfect. Umbrellas range from inexpensive to high-end. It’s up to you how much you went to invest.

Outdoor drapes are something that you should consider if you are typing to keep a patio intimate and cozy. There are high-performance fabrics available that will allow you to keep these certain hanging outdoor year-round, but if you went and inexpensive and temporal solution use bedsheets.

  • Lighting

Evening gathering essentially needs lighting to give off the right balance Candles are a perfect away to set the mood. Use big hurricane vases with pillar candles inside them; this will keep your candle from burning out from wind gusts. You can fill glass bowls water and submerge floating candles along with cut flowers for interest.