Trending: Emraan Hashmi’s film ‘Cheat India’ Shooting Starts from Today in Lucknow

by Antra sah

The “Baadshaho” superstar, Actor Emraan Hashmi has started shooting his production house’s first film,  “Cheat India” from today in Lucknow. The upcoming film, “Cheat India” is inspired by the Indian education system. Emraan Hashmi is himself starring in this film! Being a production partner of his film, he has expressed his joy and happiness over Twitter while announcing this excellent news. Partner with T-Series’s Bhushan Kumar along with Ellipsis Entertainment’s Tanuj Garg and Atul Kasbekar, Emraan Hashmi’s Chat India is definitely going to be a great film to watch!

According to the sources, Emraan Hashmi’s Cheat India is going to be a compelling and edge-of-the-seat film which is actually inspired by the current Indian education system. This film is going to cover some real incidents that have happened in India previously. The director of Cheat India is Soumik Sen and this film is expected to launch in February 2019. If you are a follower of Emraan Hashmi on Twitter, then you would know everything about it. As soon as Emraan Hashmi posted about his upcoming new film “Cheat India” in Twitter, it went viral. As so many people were talking about the film,  in no time, this film went viral.

Emraan Hashmi announced about “Cheat India” on his Twitter account @emraanhashmi in January 2018. He also said that this film is going to be one of the most engaging films in India wit riveting and thrilling scripts. He wrote in his Twitter post that he has read the whole story in a long, long time and he is sure that people are going to love and admire this edge-of-the-seat drama. This film is going to highlight some incidents related to the Indian education system that have happened previously. While the Indian students and youth are much excited about “Cheat India”, the shooting gets officially started from today in Lucknow!

Surely, the Indian youth are going to relate to the story-line of “Cheat India” hugely! Additionally, Emraan Hashmi believes his acting in “Cheat India” is going to be a landmark in his entire filmography. Emraan Hashmi has stared in so many films like Murder, Raaz – The Mystery Continues, Raaz 3D, Baadshaho etc. Now, we all have to wait for the official release of “Cheat India” on January 25, 2019.

As soon as the shooting started, Ellipsis Entertainment’s producer Atul Kasbekar shared so many pictures of the very first day’s shoot tweeted about it. Not only Atul Kasbekar, Film critic Taran Adarsh has also shared a short video clip in which Emraan Hashmi is rearranging some alphabets for making “Cheat India”. Now, people are going crazy about the official tweet from Ellipsis Entertainment! In next year’s January, “Cheat India” will be clashing with “Super 30”. Now, let’s see how this film scores at the box office. Till then, we have to keep ourselves updated with the tweets from Emraan and Ellipsis Entertainment.

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