Get a Fresh Start in These Trending Miami Neighborhoods

by Anite Allesis

Miami is filled with frisky neighborhoods that offer diverse communities and plenty of happening at any time. Despite the fact that it’s famous for a unique vacation experience, Miami is also a desirable destination for living too. With beaches that stretch for miles and modern architectural solutions, it provides appealable combinations for people with different tastes. Overall, that leisure lifestyle that attracts people is more than enough to consider Miami as a new home. So, let’s find out where is the best place to get a fresh start in these trending Miami neighborhoods.

The most trending Miami neighborhoods

Not all parts of Florida are suitable for a fresh start, but, for the most part, Miami is. First, those who are looking for a vibrant entertainment will never lack option. Second, many retirees choose one of many warm neighborhoods to spend upcoming years. Also, there is plenty of space for growing families to choose a place to call home. Finally, the ever-growing opportunities open up for many young professionals to advance their careers. As you can see, there is plenty of potential for everyone who considers moving to Miami. Remember, once you decide where you want to move, you will need help getting all your possessions to your new home.

So, without further ado, here is the list with some of the most trending Miami neighborhoods:

  • Wynwood
  • South Beach
  • Little Havana
  • Coconut Grove
  • Everglades area
  • Downtown Miami



Once a crowding warehouse district is now one of the most colorful art hubs in Miami. Thanks to the cheap rents it becomes one of the favorite neighborhoods for artists and culture lovers, in general. Today, it’s a trendy place where many hipsters and creative professionals gather. At first sight, you can see a plethora of street arts, from graffiti extravagances to unconventional murals. And after spending a little more time, you will discover numerous galleries and fantastic restaurants. Because of the rich nightlife, it may not exactly be a perfect neighborhood for families. But, if you are a young professional looking for similarly minded people, you will easily fit in. Eventually, your biggest problem will be to decide what to wear on night out. Overall, there is much to see, experience, explore, and try in this constantly developing neighborhood.

South Beach


South Beach is another Miami neighborhood that is famous for its nightlife. This large barrier island is, for the most part, host for numerous clubs. If you are among those who are looking for full-time fun and entertainment, this one is for you. From discrete lounges to silly bars, you will never have a hard time finding an interesting party. Especially in peak season when it seems like all youth has come to the same place to have fun. However, it’s not only the place filled with eccentric characters, international DJs, and club youth. It’s also a thriving art-deco community with one of the greatest Art Deco architectures in history. And a culinary center for everything from simple, casual food, to the finest dishes from various parts of the world. Furthermore, the famous South Beach Diet originated from here.

Little Havana


If you want to experience the Cuban spirit without exactly going to Cuba, Little Havana is a place to go. In general, this is a vivid hub of Latin culture in Miami. From Cuban coffee shops to old record stores, everything flares with cultural similarities of Havana. In the streets, you will never miss a chance to see some older residents discussing politics. Or, enjoying a cup of coffee while playing dominoes. Also, Little Havana will introduce you to some of the best dishes from Latin culture. And of course, wake up your inner musician with some of the popular salsa beats. With all this in mind, people who are looking for a diverse yet relaxing place, should not miss this neighborhood.

Coconut Grove


This historic neighborhood has roots that even predate Miami. Whether it is a nigh or day, this bohemian neighborhood has plenty to offer. From modern hotspots to vast pedestrian zones, you can always see people enjoying outdoors. Without false modesty, Coconut Grove is one of the most charming places for young couples. It has plenty of wonderful restaurants where you can rest in a relaxing atmosphere. Or enjoy talking while admiring the most wonderful waterfront scenery. You will also never lack shopping options to stay up to date with the latest trends, should you decide to move here. Overall, the combination of breathtaking scenery and delightful outdoor cafes, makes it a great neighborhood for a fresh start.

Everglades area


We can freely say that the Everglades area of Miami is a neighborhood of wilderness. Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts should definitely check out this neighborhood. Generally speaking, you can look at it as Southern Florida’s natural habitat for many species. It’s literally a national treasure, and one of the last wild places in the South. However, this place is not so popular due to the lack of it has to offer. But, due to the fact that people are not truly familiar with it. And no, not everything is soaked in marshland with alligators lurking “behind every corner”. You can find plenty of residential offers just west of Doral. A bit further from the coast, but perfect for those who prefer more privacy. This residential area is a trendy place of choice for many retirees and families that enjoy more spacious households.

Downtown Miami


Completely opposite from the Everglades area, Downtown Miami offers all the modern aspects of a highly urbanized neighborhood. Its central position is making it convenient for many new restaurants, shops, and ongoing events. With the number of residents increasing rapidly over the last couple of years, this is one of the hottest spots in Miami. Imbued with many parks and world-class museums, and bordered with amazing coast on the east. Overall, it’s a modern, culturally rich neighborhood, extended with a few natural and artificial islands. A place where you can enjoy living in surrounding that is a specific combination of old modern. In fact, it’s a place where lustrous skyscrapers lean with respect to decades of history, without disturbing it.

Whether you like the crowd or prefer more privacy, you can have a fresh start in these trending Miami neighborhoods. From high-tech modern architecture to astonishing natural surroundings, you can find everything here. Depending on preferences, people choose both sides of the specter, equally. Finally, all you need to do is to take time to get to know each area better. And you will definitely find the right place for yourself afterward.

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