Grab Attention with Unconventional Vertical Business Cards

Your business card is not just something with your name and other details printed on it, but it’s one of the most effective marketing tools that generally creates your first impression on your prospective clients. So, one should be brilliant and picky while choosing this tiny compact but powerful marketing tool.

Today, the market offers you thousands of ways to design these business cards. You can even drift away from the traditional way of getting them printed and go online. Yes, several websites give you the freedom to design your business cards like Basic Invite where you can customize your business card with your choice of design, color, text, font, etc. to give them not only a more personalized touch but also creating a unique experience for clients you hand them over to. So, how do you do that?

Break the clutter


From the appropriate size to the paper quality, the font size and style, the color combination, the information, and most importantly, the orientation of your business card matters a lot to make you stand out in this jam-packed business world.

If we ask you how most business cards look, we’re sure the first description that comes to your mind is the horizontal ones. Now that’s what you need to change. Although there are technically only two orientations of a business card, the world is somehow more inclined towards the horizontal designs. But in the world that suffers from short-term memory problems, to make a long-lasting impact, you need to be different. So be wise and opt for the ‘less traveled road’ as Robert Frost said. Go for the vertical business cards from

The problem with the tried and tested


Now you may have questions like if the world for ages is opting for the horizontal business cards and it is still working for them, then why go for vertical business cards. Aren’t horizontal ones more easy and comfortable to hold?

Well, you are right, but the only problem is you generally hand over your business cards in meetings or at the end of some conference. So, you realize that your potential client must have received hundreds of these already. Isn’t that a lot of names and faces to remember?

While we don’t doubt your potential to make an impact, it’s quite possible they won’t possibly remember how your card looked exactly. Especially when most of the information and color combinations of these cards are similar, it’s challenging to remember who’s who and what’s what. Though people expect you to present them with one but the sad reality is, however, important these business cards are mostly what happens to them are they get collected and then thrown away. But with online available design templates, you can at least create unique designs and color combinations that grab attention and create a great first impression.

The Vertical Business Cards: Does being unconventional work?


Now that we have already discussed how your potential client is flooded with hundreds of business cards, how will your card stand out or create a long-lasting impression? Well, clients are used to receiving these cards in bulk and so they generally have card clips to make a space for them so that they can later check these cards and contact people they want to network with. But how does a vertical business card overpower the horizontal ones? Let’s say we are all used to seeing standard calendars designs, and this is why whenever we receive a unique design, we always like to keep it as a ‘Meisterstuck.’

Similarly, when in a pool of similar-looking horizontal cards you present your vertical card, it doesn’t look like every other card and immediately catches attention ‘ahh that’s new.’ So whenever your client revisits your card he had received, it will without fail to grab his attention again and refresh his memory about you and that happens simply because of the orientation of your card.

Being unconventional, however, can go both ways


When you hand over your business card and people take a second look at it, the feeling is simply priceless. It means it’s like all your hard work getting paid, isn’t it? You finally make a mark on them. You can relax that you have made a lasting impression, which means your client is likely to connect with you and decide to take things forward with some business opportunity that would be beneficial for both him and you.

But as they say, ‘there are two sides to every coin.’ While going unconventional with your business card may strike some great connections, with some old hands accepting the change or something different can be hard. Because the problem is people are used to the horizontal cards and taking anything new is always challenging. The same goes for vertical business cards. But there is still a way to overcome such troubles, being different just with the orientation might not be the best way to make people think about you differently. Go for some fantastic and unique design options that will not only make your different approach a striking one but also will ensure your clients love what they see and are compelled to connect with you expecting the same difference that you possibly could make in their business.

The best way to be unique is to get more personalized business cards. For that, we would recommend you go the online way where you don’t just get beautiful designs but meaningful customization options that you can use to personalize your cards in a way that reflects your personality and seriousness about the business. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to DIY. You get ready to use templates with easy to use commands that can get your perfect vertical business card. And you know the best part, you end up getting your cards designed and printed at a truly nominal price. Now that’s what a true professional is. A person who knows to make the most of everything by paying the least. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, so all said and done, undoubtedly, vertical business cards make you stand out from the clutter, making an immediate impression. Simply because vertical business cards are much less common than their horizontal counterparts, this is why today, people are digressing, and many of them are opting for these unique, distinctive vertical business cards.

So go ahead with your vertical business cards, but before doing so, make sure you don’t forget to visit the website we’ve mentioned earlier where you will discover some best designs and reviews that will make your choices and DIY a lot easier.