7 Best Underwear and Accessories to Turn Men On – 2022 Shopping Guide

The best way for women to turn their men on is to go out there and shop for some underwear and accessories that complement it.

Lingerie is the first thing that comes to mind when browsing your options. Not all women feel comfortable shopping for lingerie. This is precisely why you buy lingerie on two occasions, your honeymoon and your wedding night.

But we’re moving past the two occasions and more into everyday usage. So, we’re here to tell you your options as to what’s the best underwear and accessories you can buy to turn your man on.

With further ado, let’s begin our list.

1. Bodysuit

Image source: pexels.com

A bodysuit is a combination of underwear with a bra; the result is one of the sexiest lingerie you could possibly buy for your man. A bodysuit comes in many forms and shapes.

Some come with an open back, while others with a covered. Some are braided while others are solid. Regardless of what, a bodysuit offers more coverage than purchasing the underwear and bra separately.

But that doesn’t stop it from being attractive to men. A Bodysuit, or a teddy, should be more than enough to surprise your man for his birthday or any other special occasion.

2. Bra

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Probably the piece of lingerie that every man knows well is the bra. The thing with this item is that it can support all types of breasts since it comes in a variety of styles.

Some of the most common ones are a push-up bra, designed to make your breasts look bigger by pushing them forward, a triangle bra, balconette, and lots of others.

Each one comes in different sizes complementing your breasts and all you have to do is choose the best one for the occasion. A sexy bra also gives out sexy statements so don’t hesitate to choose the most delicate one out there.

3. Bralette

Image source: pexels.com

If there is one accessory that complements women with smaller breasts but manages to be a statement piece, it is a bralette.

A bralette is similar to like a bra, only without the underwire supporting the pillows. As a matter of fact, a bralette doesn’t support anything due to the missing underwire hence why it’s advised for women with smaller breasts.

However, not many women appreciate this accessory as much as they should since the missing underwire can be used to your advantage.

4. Bustier

Image source: pexels.com

If there is one underwear and accessory set that makes men go absolutely crazy it’s the bustier.

A bustier will emphasize your cleavage while also flatten your waists, making you irresistible to your man. The thing with this accessory set is that the bra is extended all the way to the panties, covering your torso in the process.

It’s not connected to the underwear, like a bodysuit for example, and leaves a short area around the bellybutton for extra pump up the sex appeal.

The ideal bustier should be extra racy, extra lacy, and used with thigh-high stockings in a darker color.

Never underestimate the potential this underwear and accessory piece has over your man, and make sure to use it for any special occasion that deems it necessary.

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5. Camisole and Tap Short

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You’ll find this item under a more common name in the lingerie industry. Camisole, conveniently shortened to cami, is a piece of lingerie top that’s supposed to be worn with tap shorts.

Although a cami comes with spaghetti straps, it’s the material that’s giving it the extra sexiness in bed. Most camis are manufactured with laces just to give it that extra Va Va-Voom.

Camis are usually worn for the comfortability, while also being strong and sexy. Although we have to disclaim that your man might not be a fan of it, some are since it has other effects on their women.

Never underestimate a relaxed and a woman who’s comfortable in herself and her abilities in the bed. This is precisely what a cami is supposed to offer you.

6. Chemise

A chemise is a very similar lingerie accessory to a camisole. Both look identical and serve the same purpose. A chemise, like a cami, is supposed to make a woman feel comfortable in her own skin.

A chemise is very easy to put on and all you have to do is literary slip into it. The thing with a chemise is that you can pair it with a matching underwear piece, presumably a thong or half-thong.

A chemise is supposed to relax a woman and make her flirty with her man. Most women use a chemise as a nightgown.

7. Corset

Image source: pexels.com

If there is one thing that a corset achieves is to make you man go nuts. A corset is a very attractive piece of lingerie, definitely a lot more attractive than a chemise or a cami.

Not a lot of women feel comfortable wearing a corset due to the message it spreads across. A corset is also hard to pull off, and only the women with the perfect bodies can do it.

This is why most women tend to purchase their first corset after years of being together with their men.

But what exactly is a corset?

Well, a corset looks very similar to a bustier. But the difference between them is the fact that a corset is supposed to give a woman a smooth line from the waist to the bust, while a bustier is supposed to emphasize the curves.

As we said, both are very similar and you should go with the one that suits you more. Do you like to emphasize your smooth body or do you want to emphasize your curves?

One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that a corset should always go with thigh-high stockings in a matching color. Also, you should always buy a corset that comes with extra details such as satin straps, attached garters, or even laces and grommets.

Never underestimate these details as they can turn a man in seconds.