US-Based Tech Giant Cisco Is All Set To Invest In Indian Market, Focusing On 5G!

The US-based tech giant company, Cisco, is planning to step into the Indian market by investing in a good amount of money in the Indian market. India is among the few markets of Cisco where the company has made a second-time investment for the CDA (Country Digital Acceleration) Programme.

Cisco’s CDA Proframme Strategy:

The big tech company, Cisco, is planning to bring more digital transformation in cities for changing the lives of the residents by offering greater economic growth. CDA Proframme Strategy can actually change a county’s overall social and economic profile completely. While accelerating the national digitization fundamental agenda, CDA Proframme Strategy of Cisco is to invest in a long-term partnership with a country or national leader for increasing the country’s GDP and increasing more career opportunities in both private and public sectors!

How can Indian market support Cisco’s CDA Proframme?

Indian market is huge and prime minister Narendra Modi plans to improve the country’s current economic situation by increasing the overall GDP and bringing innovation. India can be Cisco’s biggest project for the second part of CDA Proframme. The main motto behind this is to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in India! Bringing 5G in India along with improved citizen services and transportation modernization can make Cisco’s investment in the Indian market as successful as profitable.

Find out what Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins has to say regarding this:

While talking to PTI, the CEO of Cisco, Mr. Chuck Robbins said:

“India is an important market for us. While we are not disclosing the amount we would be investing, it is clear that we are betting on India as a key market. We are adding four more states to our existing initiatives towards areas like innovation, smart cities. We have also signed agreements with Niti Aayog and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL),”  

India is among a few markets where Cisco has made a second-time investment ($100 million) for CDA proframme second phase. This phase will focus on making people understand the possible benefits and advantages of using 5G which encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. Atal Innovation Mission is going to help Cisco in it as well!

5G is the future: it’s time to utilize innovative digital technologies for modernization

Cisco’s CDA Proframme will encourage innovative digital technologies in order to bring modernization in different fields like transportation, communication, IT industry, digitization, etc. Cisco will boost the connectivity while collaborating with more than 100 Atal Incubation Centers! This will allow the entrepreneurs to invent real-life digital solutions of different global problems. Cisco will partner with BSNL to set up the dedicated location for demonstrating the actual usability of 5G: faster internet, better speed, and greater user experience!

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