Useful Email Marketing Tips for Startups

There are numerous mediums available for marketing. You can exploit any of them without a second thought unless you are a startup owner. The reason being, budgets of startups could be minimal and might not cope with the expenses of major marketing channels. However, email marketing, being cheap and convenient, can prove to be a reliable alternative for startups.

Since many startups have already based their promotional campaigns on emails, you are likely to face fierce competition by your rivals. So you should stick to the following tried and trusted tips to make the most of your email marketing strategy: 

Make an email list

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First, you should begin by creating a list. The best medium to collect email addresses is a website. You can entice people to give their emails in the exchange of well-written content. At the same time, this strategy will not work with every visitor. Sometimes, you’ll need to use email finder like Wiza to track down the addresses of those you want to reach.

Offering incentives is another effective way to make people subscribe to your emails. Referral incentives can also account for a moderate increase in traffic. Don’t assume that giveaways will break your bank. They can be as something as small as minor discounts, free ebooks and so on. For such tasks, you can use a reliable software offered by Designrr as it will assist you in creating appealing ebooks. Ideally, you should minimize the process of subscription and avoid asking for unnecessary details in the subscription form.  

Bear in mind; quality is more important than quantity. Once you have a considerable list of email addresses, identify the high potential leads, and invest your time to nurture them. 

Catchy copy matters

As it is the case with so many things in our life, presentation matters in email as well. Many reasonable offers don’t translate into sales because the first impression is not right on the money. Some of them go to spam folders at first glance. An email should be reflective of your business and attitude. 

You should subscribe to the following steps to make a compelling email copy: 

  • Write a catchy subject line. Of course, it is easier said than done, but that’s the first hurdle you have to clear. It is a tech-savvy generation. Avoid using words like free, cash, incredible deal, or suchlike, because they are spam trigger words
  • Write shorter paragraphs. People are more likely to read the complete email that way. You may also take leverage from bullets and subheadings. 
  • Small grammatical errors are a significant setback. Double-check your email with writing tools to save yourself from embarrassment.
  • Make the most of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). It is a powerful psychological tactic used by marketers all around the world. It is one reason why time-bound discounts almost always boost sales. 

Add alt text in email images

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Even if your email is mobile optimized, still there could be an accessibility issue with images in particular. Sometimes slow internet makes it hard for the reader to see the picture. You should make it a point to add alt text so that people can interpret and make an idea about the image without seeing it correctly. 

To top it off, visually impaired people rely on screen readers. You can enhance the accessibility of your brand to this segment by including short and precise alt text.    

Make the most of AI

Artificial intelligence has become a catchword of the modern world. Be it any industry, the prominence of AI is almost everywhere. Similarly, email marketing has become influenced by AI, as well. 

Once you have enough information about past or potential customers, you can segmentize the contacts with the help of AI and send them relevant offers. A personalized offer is more likely to convert. Going by the numbers, customized emails can account for six times higher sales.   

Moreover, automation has made it easier to send timely emails. You are no longer required to send emails separately to each individual. You can schedule emails when they are most likely to be read by your subscribers. In the early stage of a startup, every minute is valuable, and this certainly saves you time. Check Quick Lines for more information.

Set a limit

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The frequency with which emails are sent needs special attention. Mostly, businesses promise their subscribers to send one email a week, but more often than not, this ends up being just lip service. Firstly, breaching promises can dent your reputation. Given the availability of tools, you might feel enticed to send as many emails as practical, but you should keep your word. 

Secondly, you need to understand that each email does not need to be sent with the same regularity. For example, a newsletter contains informative content and takes time to read, so you should not submit it too often. On the other hand, you can take liberty with promotional offers. However, in all likelihood, an excessive number of emails will smoothly guide you to the spam folder.

Incorporate CTA button

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Many emails include CTA, but the readers do not easily trace them. It is where businesses lose a conversion opportunity. While working on CTA, keep reminding yourself that an invisible CTA button is the same as not having a CTA button at all. 

Here is what you should do to make your CTA more apparent and appealing:

  • The color of CTA must be in contrast with the rest of the colors used in your email. That way, readers can easily catch its glare 
  • Optimize email for mobile
  • Don’t add more than one CTA in a single email
  • Keep the text short and right on the money 
  • Double-check all the links before sending    

Monitor results

Last but not least, you should continuously keep an eye on what kind of emails have come up with the best return on investment. As a beginner, you should experiment in the early period. For example, you should use various CTA designs and measure after some time which performed the best for you and then stick to and filter the rest. 

Wrapping up

Email is one of the oldest digital marketing mediums. If it has kept its relevance alive in the age of social media, that means it must have proven its worth. Over the years, email marketing has served as a reliable solution to different startups. A well-crafted email ticks all the boxes necessary to attract the audience.