9 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

So, here’s the situation. Valentine’s Day is approaching. You’ve been in a relationship for a long time and you’re running out of ideas of what you could give him without repeating yourself or buying regular, practical gifts. Or your story with that sweet guy has just begun and you’re still not sure which gift would be perfect for him, as, you know, it’s still too fresh. Well yeah, we agree – this might often be a much more complicated task than buying a gift for a woman, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible mission. Every day we listen to diverse opinions – you should celebrate it, you should not, every day should be a little celebration of love. But why not use this day, as it’s already being specially marked, and prepare something nice for the person we love?

For all those who have run out of creativity, let’s have a closer look at nine suggestions on how to make your beloved one happy on this day.

1. Personalized gifts

Image source: numerologysign.com

You can never go wrong with this. Whether your budget is higher or lower – it’s simply a good and always accessible option. This is maybe the type of gift that couples most often opt for as they are the most suitable for this occasion and seem to be the most romantic. You can explore a wide variety of personalized gifts here, and you’ll surely find the one he will love forever.

You can breathe the spirit of your romance into small, everyday objects. A picture frame with all those memorable photos, reminding of lovely days together… A coffee mug with your initials or date of the anniversary, or a customized car freshener with your photo would definitely bring a smile to his face and make him remember you every time he sees it.

2. Romantic dinner

Although many couples consider it a cliché, we think that nothing brings such a beautiful Valentine’s atmosphere like this. Someone once said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and there’s definitely some truth in that.

Whether he already knows what a damn good cook you are and worships your culinary skills or he needs some convincing, this would be a perfect opportunity to cook for him. Let his fave dishes be mandatory parts of your meal. Don’t forget to open the best wine you have, along with bringing in some flowers and scented candles as indispensable detail on such occasions.

3. Love card

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We’re sure you had a chance to tell him how much you love him. And yes, you can do it any day, not only on this one. Perhaps words aren’t your strong point and you might be shy to tell some things in his face, but that’s why letters are there.

Convey your feelings in a written way, just like our grandmas used to do it. And don’t worry – it isn’t old-fashioned: it could be a lovely surprise. And the best part of it? It’s completely free! He’ll know that you did it from the very bottom of your heart and he’ll always keep that letter somewhere to remind him of the beautiful things he has with you.

In case you want to make it unusual and super cute, you can have a look at some creative ideas, for example, a wooden bamboo love card from coolthingschicago.com.

4. A photo album full of memories

Although today our mobile phones are the biggest guardians of our memories in the form of photos, let’s try to go back in time for a moment. Go to the store and get a great photo album. Print pictures that testify to the most beautiful and craziest moments you spent together and place them inside.

You can complete all this with small inscriptions below the pictures, which can be of a humorous nature or quotes that accompanied you on your mutual emotional journey and on days spent together. This way, you’ll make sure that they could never be erased accidentally and that they would remain a wonderful and eternal memory.

5. Perfume

A fragrant note that will make your face appear in front of him each and every time and with each and every spritz of it is undoubtedly one of the better choices.

Most people associate scents with certain situations, so this one will remind him of you, your Valentine’s Day and on how you spent it. Strong notes will emphasize his masculinity, so get to work and find the perfect perfume for your partner.

6. Map of memories

A piece of advice that’s definitely intended for creative souls and that definitely won’t leave him indifferent. Buy a large plywood board with pins and stick a map of your country or world on one side. And then simply pin the photos or drawings of those places where you’ve lived your most romantic moments such as traveling, going to the movies or to restaurants.

On the other side of the board, pin some sports games or cinema tickets, personal photos, or some tiny objects that remind you of those days. Add some more embellishment like colorful threads, stickers, song lyrics and so on.

7. Jewelry

image source: onpointfresh.com

Jewelry often appears as a birthday present. Still, it can be very romantic. Men generally opt to wear a watch and it’s usually the only piece of jewelry seen on each one of them. So, that’s right – he probably already has a watch. But why not surprise him with something simple and different?

Go to a jeweler and get some lovely men’s necklace or bracelet made of silver or gold with a plate on which you’ll engrave your anniversary date, initials, or any other kind of words that have a special meaning for you. This is an elegant gift that everyone will notice and it shouldn’t represent a big shock for your pockets.

8. The soundtrack of your relationship

Another charming and a bit retro way to surprise your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day is to give him a music CD. But not an ordinary one. The secret is to make a whole love playlist of the songs you like to listen to while being together or that remind you of him – ‘your songs’. Yes, precisely those tunes that left a trace on your relationship and all those wonderful occasions during that period.

It could also be an album by a band whose concert you went to together for the first time. Arrange everything on one CD, decorate it with a colored felt-tip pen and surprise your boyfriend in a way he probably doesn’t expect. You can also add a creative mini-guide: a little, cute notebook in which you’ll explain what these songs mean to you and remind him of some situations that made them so special.

9. Massage for couples

Excessive exhaustion and burden due to daily obligations are an integral part of most people’s lives today. If your beloved one is one of those people, nothing will make him recover and cheer him up better than a massage. Believe us – he’ll be more than thankful: and with all those scents and nice and relaxing music, he’ll definitely forget about everything for at least an hour.

There are a large number of spas that present massages for couples within their basic offer, and for Valentine’s Day, the demand for this treatment is mostly growing, so act on time. Choose a spa center in the city that suits your possibilities or take him to one of the countries where spa tourism is developed. The second option is certainly more expensive, but if your finances allow it, what could possibly be an obstacle?

After all, the most important thing is that you show attention. Whatever you decide on, it will be the best as a lot of effort and love has been invested in that gift. We hope this list has helped you make the person you love happy and celebrate Love Day as best you can!